10 Savvy Ways To Save Money!

Watch the pounds pile up with our top tips! 

  1. Find simple ways you can reduce your regular costs from coupons to switching service providers. 
  1. Make a record of your expenses so you can see where you’re spending. 
  1. Make saving automatic – almost all banks offer automated transfers from your current account to your savings account. 
  1. Get clear on your priorities – do you really need a Netflix, Amazon Prime, NOW TV and Disney+ account? They may not seem like a big outgoing but cancelling a few of these can save you quite a bit of money at the end of each month. 
  1. Set yourself realistic savings goal to work towards.  
  1. Use comparison sites to find the best deal for utility bills, insurance, phone contracts and more. Shop around to find the best deals! 
  1. Use cashback sites to make your money work harder for you when you shop online. Cashback sites are free and earn you money back on your online purchases. Check out TopCashback for more information: https://www.topcashback.co.uk/  
  1. Make a note to cancel free trial memberships before they end and you get charged a fee. Use your phone calendar to set a reminder.  
  1. Always check for discount codes and vouchers when shopping online. Search ‘discount codes’ to potentially bag yourself some money off! 
  1. Create meal plans before doing your weekly food shop to help you keep on top of your spending and only purchase what you need. 

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