Hidden Strength is a unique mental health platform for young people aged 13-24. We offer meaningful support, advice and guidance in a safe, anonymous environment. Support is both peer to peer, and in the form of fully qualified therapists available on demand using secure virtual environments.

The platform also provides holistic mental well-being tools allowing the community to access a range of online education and activities.

Today, social media has become a driving force in our daily lives. However, there exist few options available for mental health assistance. Hidden Strength is a powerful new tool, as a platform that strives to destigmatise psychological and physical health support.

Hidden Strength will be the first mental health portal to build an online community, that serves its users in keeping with their digital lives. Content provided by mental health experts aims to give you the tools to deal with life’s challenges. As a result, therapist support and readable content will be free for those who need it most.

We are a team of young people, understanding parents and professionals. Our sole intention is to be here for the people we care about – YOU.