Five Foods You Should Avoid Eating Before Bed!

Sleep is essential for the body to function properly. It allows our brain and body to rest and recover and it is no secret that healthy eating habits overall will encourage healthier sleeping patterns.

We all know we should be eating a healthy and balanced diet…. but which foods should we specifically try to avoid eating before bed?

  • Chocolate- the sweet treat is not only packed full of sugar but also contains caffeine.
  • Cheese! Not for the nightmares but because of the high levels of amino acids and tyramine which makes us feel more alert and awake
  • Spicy Food which contains high levels of capsaicin which elevates our body temperature and can disrupt our sleep.
  • Sugary treats- after our blood sugar levels spike, they will crash. If they crash whilst we are sleeping, our cortisol levels rise, which often wakes us from our slumber.
  • Salty Food- too much salt can dehydrate us, which in turn causes tiredness and fatigue, even after a good nights sleep.

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