Something very exciting is on its way…

Hidden Strength is delighted to introduce to you our brand-new app for young people aged 13-24! Our new app will be the first of its kind to offer 24/7 access to therapy, as well as tools and helpful tips and advice to give you the strength and support you need to take care of your mental health and well-being. The HS app is a compassionate friend in your pocket and a light in the darkness whenever you feel in need of help. 

Launching in May, the HS app will become your go-to tool for mental health advice and help. Join a community of like-minded people, free of judgement and full of hope, love, and peer support. 

More information coming soon!

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Joseph Forsyth
Science and Medical Technology PR
Contributing writer for Hidden Strength, Joseph has been writing on medical technology and scientific developments since 2019. With a Pharmacology background, he has penned articles appearing in publications including Daily Express, The Sun, Positive Health and more.