Quiz: Are You A Pessimist, Optimist Or Realist?

Take the quiz to find out if the glass is half-full, half-empty, or simply just a glass…

Do you often look on the bright side or do you tend to worry about things going wrong? Maybe you’re more of a realist and tend to take things exactly as they are. Answer the questions below then add up your answers to get your results!

  1. A gig you’ve been looking forward to for months gets cancelled. You feel:
  2. Disappointed but you’ll make plans to do something equally fun. [2]
  3. Distraught. You’re sure you’ll never get another chance to see your fave band. [1]
  4. Surprisingly OK. Maybe you’ll get a VIP pass for their next show! [3]
  1. Your best friend forgets your birthday. You:
  2. Try not to let it bother you. These things happen. [2]
  3. Wonder if they’re throwing a surprise party for you later in the week. [3]
  4. Feel really upset and can’t help but think they’re not really a true friend. [1]
  1. You receive a text from a secret admirer! You are:
  2. 100% sure it’s from the person you’ve had a crush on for ages. [3]
  3. Confused as to who it could be, so you text them back to ask. [2]
  4. Pretty sure it’s a mean trick. [1]
  1. Your friends want you to come on a last-minute trip. What do you do?
  2. Decline. It’s bound to be a disorganised disaster. [1]
  3. Join them but make sure you all have a plan. [2]
  4. Start packing immediately. Adventure, here you come! [3]
  1. You get a low grade for your latest homework assignment. When your teacher gives you it back, you:

Read it over to see where you went wrong. [2]

Throw it in the bin. What a waste of time. [1]

Don’t give it a second thought. You’ll get an A+ next time, for sure! [3]

  1. A teacher encourages you to enter an art competition because you’re good at art. You:
  2. Shake your head. There’s no way you’re good enough to compete. [1]
  3. Can already visualise that trophy in your bedroom. You are SO winning this. [3]
  4. Decide to give it a shot. What’s the worst that could happen? [2]
  1. You’ve been saving up for a limited-edition pair of trainers but when you go to order them, they’re sold out. You:
  2. Know for a fact it’s fate. You were never supposed to own them. [1]
  3. Search online for another stockist for HOURS. You’ll find them somewhere. [3]
  4. Have a quick scout on the web but settle on a different pair when you can’t find them. [2]


1-7 Pessimist

You often brace yourself for worst-case scenarios and can be extremely cautious about certain situations. While being wary can be sensible, it’s also important to find a good balance. Try to think more positively in your day-to-day life to stop yourself from getting bogged down by negativity. Read Be Your Own Hero for tips.

8-14 Realist

You’re in the envious position of being able to accept things for exactly as they are. You don’t pre-judge, either negatively or positively, instead, you wait to assess the situation. You don’t let your emotions run away with you which helps you keep a level head when making decisions.

15-21 Optimist You tend to look for a positive outcome in any situation, no matter how unlikely that may be. You find hope where others might not, and you believe everything will come right when things are going wrong. It’s great to embrace life so passionately but be careful not to let your natural optimism put you in any unhealthy situations.


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