Keep On Keeping On!

5 ways to stay motivated, focused and moving forward!

We’ve all lost focus or motivation at some point in our lives. It’s not always easy to stay focused, especially when life throws an unexpected spanner in the works, or everything just seems to be going wrong. Seeing things through to the very end isn’t always the easiest option but it’s often the best route – there’s an enormous sense of satisfaction and self-pride waiting for you when you hit your goal! If you’re feeling derailed, unmotivated, or quite simply fed up, we hope these tips help you to refocus and stride forward with purpose and determination.


Stop being so hard on yourself. Learn how to become your own cheerleader to quieten the negative thoughts. If you’re ever in doubt about how truly fantastic you are, say it out loud. Look in the mirror and tell yourself “I am worth it” every single morning. Repeat it in your head in moments when you feel less than worthy or insecure.

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Celebrate every achievement, no matter how small. Rewarding yourself with little treats strengthens your motivation and boosts your feelings of self-worth. Rewards give you something to strive for – a lovely little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

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Be mindful of comparing yourself to others – it’s not helpful or healthy. This only belittles your own achievements and negatively affects your self-esteem and confidence. Learn to focus on your own path and talents. It might help to cut back on social media or step offline completely to avoid triggering a negative mindset.

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Make your goals a sprint, not a marathon. Setting smaller intermediate goals can help make your overall goal more achievable. Work towards each target, one by one, and watch yourself inch ever closer to your goal. It can help to chart your goals and successes – why not keep a journal or make a list so you can check them off as you complete each one? This helps to keep you motivated and gives you a small thrill of success every time you make a check in the box!

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Think about what it is you want to achieve. Consider these points:

  • Is this achievable?
  • Have I got the resources I need?
  • Have I given myself enough time?

Many of us set goals without properly thinking them through. This can lead to you feeling dispirited and low when things don’t quite work out in a way you thought they would. By setting a realistic plan from the start, you’re more likely to meet your goals and avoid feelings of disappointment. You may have to adjust your expectations as you go along and that’s OK. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, the situation changes, and life throws a curveball. When this happens, it can make you feel like giving up because your goal feels further out of reach than ever before. Take a moment to reassess the situation, change up your plan, and go for it! 

Sometimes, we need to quit something. Giving up on an objective that isn’t healthy can be the best thing for you. Quitting can be smart and life-giving – especially if your goals are unrealistic, unachievable, or life-draining. If they’re affecting your sleep giving you, stomach aches, headaches or other physical or emotional symptoms of stress, you may consider quitting.

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