One Wish

If a genie granted you just one wish, what would you wish for?

We all have our own wishes and dreams. We’ve all closed our eyes and wished for something while blowing out candles on a birthday cake or when we spot a shooting star in the night’s sky. People wish because they long for their innermost dreams to become a reality and while wishes usually only come true in fairy tales and movies, it’s so nice to dream, isn’t it? It gives us hope when everything else seems bleak. Wishes drive us forward, fuelling our desire to manifest our personal goals (with zero help from genies or magical fairy godmothers).

But just imagine for a moment that you are given a magical lamp. When you rub it, an all-powerful genie appears and grants you just one wish. What would you wish for? Would you choose money, good looks, wealth or power? Health, happiness, love or success? For friendship, the return of a lost loved one or for a soulmate? We asked our HS community to think about their one wish and here’s what they said:

I Wish I Was Rich

We could all do with some extra cash, right? Just think of the good you could do if you had endless stacks of gold… you could end world hunger in an instant or build a home for every single homeless person in the world. If having more money is your wish for 2022, check out our financial advice and tips on the Hidden Strength app to make your money work better for you!

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I Wish I Had A Brilliant Job

Sick of your job and wishing for something better? You don’t need a genie to help you move on and up in the world – you’ve got this! Start scanning the job websites for your perfect job and brush up that CV until it shines with your accomplishments and enthusiasm. Click here to get advice on how to get a job.

I Wish I Was Happy

Happiness is something we all wish for, especially during such unsettling times. While the pandemic continues and talk of restrictions, boosters and covid passports echoes around us, we’re all looking for ways to stay positive and upbeat, and to find happiness wherever we can. We’ve got lots of great advice on how to find your own happiness here.

I Wish To Be Successful

We all measure success differently. Some people equate success with a big fancy car and a beautiful home filled with a loving partner and a couple of kids. Others think it’s loving your job, beating an addiction, or making a real difference to the lives and health of others. No matter how you quantify success, we want you to know that there’s nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it. Manifest your own success and master mindfulness with the aid of a wellness journal – discover our top 5 picks here!

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