Why Do I Talk So Fast?

Do you find yourself speaking at a mile a minute? Here’s why…

Do you think you talk too fast? This is a more common worry for people than you might think. Usually, talking too fast is a sign or nervousness or anxiety but there are other causes.  

Nervous Chat

You might have noticed you pick up the pace when having to talk in front of others. For example, have you ever been asked to stand up in front of the class and present a solo talk? Suddenly, your tongue feels as if it’s two sizes too big for your mouth and you stumble and trip over your words as quickly as you can to just get the moment over with. We’ve all been there.

You might find yourself talking too fast when you feel under pressure. Maybe the conversation around you has faltered and you’re the only one talking, making you feel vulnerable and anxious. This can be especially unsettling for introverts or people who are naturally shy. Don’t beat yourself up. We all get nervous from time to time, and we all have different reactions to this, from talking to fast or getting tongue-tied to sweating and shaking. This is entirely normal.

Try this:

  • When you notice yourself speaking too fast, take a pause and inhale. Focus on slowing your breathing and your words. Listen to yourself as if you were listening to someone else to judge your pace.
  • Carry a bottle of water with you and take a sip every so often to create natural pauses in your speech. This is an especially good tip for situations where you need to speak in front of others at school, college, university or work.

Think Fast, Talk Fast

Some people talk fast because they’re trying to keep up with the racing thoughts in their mind. They might speak before they think, saying exactly what’s on their mind without pondering it over or filtering it first. 

Sometimes, people talk fast because they needed to when they were younger – maybe to make their voice heard above other siblings.

Try this:

  • Ask friends and family to let you know if you’re speaking too fast. This can be a good help if talking quickly is a habit of yours, especially if you don’t tend to notice when you’re doing it.
  • Imagine your words are syrup, slowly oozing from a jar. Try to pace your speech as if it were syrup to s-l-o-w it down.

By being more aware of your pace, you’ll soon train yourself to slow down your speech. This will help you feel more confident and make your speech more easily understood by others. If you need more help with dealing with anxieties, click here.


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