Walk This Way!

Five fun ways to make your walks more interesting…

Walking to school improves your fitness and is kinder to the environment but if walking bores you, try out these suggestions for size and see if you can add some interest to your daily stroll…

Make It Challenging

Do you like to challenge yourself? If so, see if you can beat your own personal time or set yourself a step goal every day. It’s a great way to keep motivated and to increase your activity levels as you ‘chase’ your own PB (Personal Best). Invite a friend to add a little friendly competition. Who will walk or run the fastest or furthest?

Another way to add a challenging aspect to your walk is to mix up your route. Go the long way, incorporate a steep hill or two and see if you can walk further and further every day. The best thing about challenges? The rewards! Make sure to reward yourself every time you smash a goal.

Snap Happy

If you enjoy taking photos and love nature, interesting architecture, and beautiful scenery, then this one is for you! Take lots of photos of your route and look for interesting and unusual shots. If you need any inspiration on what to photograph, take a look at the list below. How many will you complete?

You can compile your photos on your Instagram account or print them out and make an album. Experiment with black and white shots, filters, and effects to create stunning shots of the sights you see on your daily walk.

Photo suggestions:

  • An unusual building
  • An animal
  • A busy pedestrian area
  • A quirky shop front
  • A vintage or flashy car
  • A tree in blossom

Mate Date

Combine your walk to school with a chance to catch up with a friend. Grab a morning takeaway coffee or a juice and talk while you walk. This is especially good if you find walking boring – time passes quickly when you’re busy chatting away!

Walking Bingo

Hear us out. This isn’t the kind of bingo your nan plays – no, this is more of an I-Spy activity to keep you focused and interested while you’re out and about. Ask someone else to write a list of things for you to find and do when you’re on your walk, or jot down a few ideas yourself. Walking bingo is a good way to make your walk more interactive – you’re more likely to explore new places as you search for the objects or places on your list.

Your walking bingo list could include:

  • Finding an odd-shaped tree
  • Spotting an animal you wouldn’t normally see
  • Finding a funny-shaped rock
  • Spotting a nest
  • Kicking through leaves
  • Jumping over a stream or puddle

A New Adventure

Change up your route to make walking more interesting. Dig out a map or use your phone to plan a new path or add a few different twists and turns along the way. Just be sure to stay safe, keep to the lit paths and make sure your phone has plenty of battery, so you know where you are at all times.


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