Five Easy Fitness Swaps!

How to boost your daily fitness when the gym ain’t your thing…

Looking to make a change to your lifestyle to level up your fitness levels but completely unsold on the idea of the gym? No worries, we’ve got you covered! These five simple swaps will add a blast of fitness to your day to improve your physical and mental health…

Walk The Walk

Usually take the bus to school? Throw on your trainers and walk instead! Or why not hop off the bus a few stops before your usual stop? Even an extra 20 minutes of walking every school day adds up to over an hour and a half of exercise a week.

TOP TIP: Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator. Got a few extra minutes? Run down and back up again!

Lap Not Nap

We all love a nap, especially after a tough day at school, but swapping out a snooze for a walk outside really can boost your mood and improve your fitness. You don’t have to go far, and you don’t have to go fast. The fresh air will refresh and revive you far better than a nap will!

TOP TIP: Meet up with a friend, take the dog or stick a podcast on your phone and plug in your earphones if you tend to get bored on walks.

Mate Date

Talking of mates, why not meet a friend outdoors, grab a takeaway drink and go for a walk instead of sitting in your usual café? It’s often much easier and more enjoyable to be active when you have the distraction of a friend’s company and chat.

TOP TIP: Take it up a notch every time you go for a walk with your friend and see if you can beat your last stroll time. How far will you go? Will you discover a new route? You can track your walks with a fitness watch or app on your phone, if you have them, or just make a note of how long you spent walking and challenge yourselves to beat it next time.

On The Move

Make moving the focus of your day. Throw on your favourite music and dance while you do household chores, like the dishes or vacuuming. You can also make a point of moving every hour, even it’s just a wander through the house or into the garden. This is especially important when you’re stuck at a desk at school all day.

TOP TIP: If you usually stick to the school lunch hall during lunchtime, why not head out for a walk around town or grab lunch from further afield? Having some time away from school can really help to break up the day, too!

Gaming Is A GO!

If you’re big on gaming, you’re probably used to playing while lying down in bed or slumped in a chair. Try swapping out your usual game for something more movement-based, like Wii Fit. You could also commit to doing a quick ten-rep exercise every time you make it to the next level in your game to inject some fitness into your day. Ten push-ups or star jumps will do the trick!

TOP TIP: No Wii Fit? No problem! Challenge your family or friends to a fun fitness workout instead – you can find lots of ideas on YouTube or use items you have lying around the house to create a simple circuit. Canned foods and filled water bottles make great weights!


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