Someone Is Spreading Rumours About Me

Dealing with school gossip is never easy but Hidden Strength are here to help…

As if school wasn’t difficult enough, now you’re having to deal with nasty untruths and people talking about you behind your back. The school rumour mill is as old as time – for years, classrooms and corridors have echoed with whispers of “OMG, did you hear about so-and-so…?”

We’re all guilty of gossiping from time-to-time. And while it can feel exciting to be part of a juicy conversation, it’s important to remember that there’s a real person with feelings at the heart of the latest story. A person who could be feeling hurt and upset because the whole school is talking about something that’s probably massively exaggerated – or, worse, not even true.

Being The Subject Of A Rumour

It’s horrible being the ‘hot topic’ at school for all the wrong reasons. If you’re the subject of nasty rumours, here’s how you can deal with it:

  • Set the record straight to anyone who talks about it. Make it clear what’s untrue and what’s correct and leave it at that.
  • Pretend you don’t care. It’s difficult to act aloof when you’re feeling upset but try faking it. Shrug, ignore, laugh it off even… the more it looks like you don’t care, the less interesting it becomes for the people who are gossiping about you. They’re looking for a reaction so don’t give them one.
  • Confront whoever started the rumour – tell your version and ask them to stop spreading untruths.
  • Get support from friends. Good mates will stick up for you and will refuse to listen to anyone dissing you.
  • Be patient. Rumours tend to cause a stir one day and then fade away the next – usually when something bigger and juicier comes along.

Rumours Are Ruining My Life

Relentless rumours and gossip can be devastating. Facing nasty lies and stories about yourself, day after day, can make your life miserable. Bullying like this can make school a nightmare. Talk to a parent about how you’re feeling and what you’re having to deal with when you go to school. It might seem scary to open up at first but it’s important to share your experience and get the help you need.

Your school should have an anti-bullying policy in place. Your parent or guardian can work with the teachers to make sure measures are put in place for your safety. It might be necessary to report the matter to the police in cases where a crime has been committed, such as racial abuse. Whatever the course of action required, you will feel better for having someone on your side, fighting back and banishing the bullies and rumours for good.

Read more about dealing with school bullies here.

Don’t Be A Mean Girl

If you find yourself caught up in a full-on gossip session about someone, take a step back and remove yourself from the conversation. Some people thrive on being a gossip – they like the feeling of power that comes with knowing a secret but can’t help spilling the beans to shock others. Don’t be this person. Your friends will find it very difficult to trust you with their own secrets if you’re the first person to share gossip at any opportunity.

Stand Up For Your Friends

Hearing nasty rumours about a friend is never nice but you should tell your friend what you’ve heard about them as soon as you can. You might be worried about upsetting them, but you’d want to know if people were talking about you behind your back, wouldn’t you? Gently let them know what you’ve heard and make sure they know you’ve got your back. To read more about how to be a great mate, click here.


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