How To Deal With School Bullies

Help for people who are being bullied at school…

Are You Being Bullied?

Bullying isn’t always physical – in fact, name-calling or being the subject of nasty rumours can be just as painful and upsetting as being hit or punched.

Bullying can take all shapes and forms, but they all result in one or more people hurting someone else, whether that’s emotionally or physically. Types of bullying include verbal and physical abuse, emotional abuse and controlling or excluding behaviour. There’s also racist, sexual, transphobic, or homophobic bullying, or bullying someone because of their disability. These are all classed as hate crimes and are illegal.

What Can I Do In The Moment?

Dealing with bullies can be scary and upsetting. These tips won’t necessarily stop the bullying, but they are helpful ways to react when a bully says or does something mean to you:

  • Laugh off or ignore name-calling if you can. The bully wants a reaction from you and will get bored if you don’t give them one.
  • Turn to a friend and talk to them instead of engaging with the bully.
  • Tell yourself something positive when the bully says something negative about you. You matter. You are special. You are loved.
  • Tell the bully how their words and actions make you feel. Be calm yet determined. Walk off and leave them to think it over.
  • Hold your head high and try acting more confident and braver than you really feel. This sends a message to your bully that they can’t get under your skin.

Stopping The Bullying

Talk to a parent, a teacher, or another adult you trust about what’s happening. It might seem scary to open up at first but it’s important to share your experience and get the help you need.

Your school should have an anti-bullying policy in place. Your parent or guardian can work with the teachers to make sure measures are put in place for your safety. It might be necessary to report the matter to the police in cases where a crime has been committed, such as racial abuse. Whatever the course of action required, you will feel better for having someone on your side, fighting back and banishing the bullies for good.

If you’re experiencing cyberbullying, never reply or respond to horrible comments, pictures or threats. Show it to an adult you trust, block the perpetrator, and report them to the platform where the offending material has been posted.

For more help and advice on bullying, click here.


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