QUIZ: What’s Your Support Style?

Take the test to discover what kind of friend you are!

What makes you a great mate? Is it your knack for offering the best advice or your talent for turning frowns upside-down with a well-timed joke? Maybe you’re that friend who always has your mate’s back, no matter what. Take the quiz and add up your points to find your super-pal power!

  1. Your friend is really upset about being ghosted by someone they fancy. You’re most likely to:
    • Try to cheer them up by showing them a funny meme. (3)
    • Give them a hug and encourage them to cry it out. (1)
    • Tell your friend that they’re too good for that person anyway. (2)
  1. You hear a false rumour about your mate. You:
    • Make sure EVERYONE knows the truth. There’ll be no fake news about your friend on your watch! (2)
    • Tell your friend what you’ve heard – you wouldn’t want them to hear it from anyone else. (1)
    • Tell your friend but make a joke of it to help them brush it off. (3)
  1. Your best friend would probably describe you as:
    • Hilarious. (3)
    • Caring. (1)
    • Loyal. (2)
  1. You’re choosing a birthday gift for your friend. You’re most likely to give them:
    • A special gift to symbolise your friendship. (1)
    • That one item they’ve been wanting forever. (2)
    • A funny card with a cheeky message written inside. (3)
  1. What content do you normally tag your friend in on socials?
    • Funny stuff. Memes are life. (3)
    • Uplifting quotes. (1)
    • Fashion you think they’d rock or celeb stuff you know they’re interested in. (2)
  1. When taking a selfie with your friend you’re most likely to be:
    • Hugging them close (1)
    • Pulling a daft face. (3)
    • Striking the same pose – twinning! (2)
  1. Your friend has an important exam coming up and is feeling stressed out with studying. You:
    • Check-in with them every day and encourage them to take regular breaks for their mental health (1)
    • Help them plan a study timetable and offer to test them in the run-up to the big test. (2)
    • Suggest a movie night with a funny film to lighten the mood and give them a much-needed break. (3)
  1. Finally, which of these emojis are you most likely to use when texting your friend?
    • 🥰 (1)
    • 👍🏼 (2)
    • 😜 (3)

1-8: Supportive Shoulder

You’re a kind and considerate friend who is always there to offer a sympathetic ear and supportive words. Your friends know they can rely on you when they need you most. Don’t forget to look out for your own wellbeing as carefully as you do for your mates – your mental health is just as important.

9-16: Super Sidekick

You’re fiercely loyal and uber-protective of your mates. You would never stand for anyone taking advantage of the people you care most about, and you always have their back. We hope you receive the same support from friends in return, whenever you need it most.

17-24: Funny Friend

You’re a firm believer in the phrase, “Laughter is the best medicine’. You hate to see your friend sad and will do everything you can to make them crack a smile. Cheering people up is a great skill but don’t forget to try listening instead of LOLs when your friend is going through a particularly rough patch.


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