Our Top Simple Tips for Eating Well

Your teenage years are an important time for growth and development, so you want to make sure are eating a balanced healthy diet to give you the right energy to not only help you concentrate and do the things you love, but keep you feeling your best.

Here are Hidden Strength’s Top Tips for Eating Well:

Make time for breakfast! A good breakfast will boost your energy levels and set you up for the day, these are our favourite healthy breakfast options:

1. Scrambled Eggs and Wholemeal toast

2. Overnight oats with toppings of your choice

3. Greek yogurt with fruit

4. A Fruit smoothie

5. Egg Muffins with fillings of your choice

6. Baked Oats

Try to eat three meals a day– breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Do your best to make sure each meal includes at least one portion of fruit or vegetables. Aim to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day (fresh, frozen, canned and dried all count)

Show your lunches some love! Packed lunches do not need to be bland and boring, spending time preparing them in advance is a brilliant way to not only make sure you are eating something healthy and nutritious, but it will also save you money! Here are some tips to make your lunch more exciting:

1. Try simple swaps to avoid eating the same thing 

2. Push your Boundaries and Try something new

3. Aim to eat a rainbow- switch bland beige food for colourful fruit and veg.

4. Love your leftovers and save on food waste.

Check out our article 7 Ways to love your school lunches here for more ideas!

Make some simple swaps for healthier snacking:

1. Swap cake bars for a slice of Malt loaf or banana bread

2. Swap Fizzy drinks for no sugar alternatives or squash

3. Swap Chocolate cereal for chocolate rice cakes

4. Swap Toffee popcorn for Sweet&Salty popcorn

5. Swap sweets for no sugar jelly or yoghurt covered fruit

Finally make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids, especially when taking part in exercise and physical exercise. You should be aiming to drink 6-8 large glasses of water a day. Find H2O bland? Here are some tips for Upping your Water Game:

1. Flavour it- add your favourite fruit to water for a delicious and refreshing drink

2. Make it part of your routine– keep water at your desk, drink a glass of water whenever you eat or use the bathroom.

3. Eat it! Many fruits and vegetables have a high-water content, including melon, cucumbers, lettuce and celery.

4. Keep Track– Many Water bottles have a measure so you can see how much you are drinking, you can even keep track or set reminders in your smartphone.

5. Take it to Go- It is easy to forget to drink enough when you are busy or out and about, so fill your water bottle before you leave home. Many cafes and restaurants will re-fill your water bottle for free.

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