Netflix & Smile!

Our pick of the best feel-good shows and films ready to stream today. 

If you’re fed up with true crime or simply fancy a change of pace, try these Netflix gems today for a spot of light relief. Whether you’re looking for feel-good or funny (or a little bit of both!), we’ve got you covered!


Looking for a feel-good sitcom that’s not Friends but is kinda similar? Superstore has got your back! Better still, there are five whole seasons of around 20 episodes available on Netflix so this one will keep you going for a while.

America Ferrara (Ugly Betty) is joined by a cast of great characters who all work in a chain supermarket. Every day brings a new chaos and it’s the kind of show that makes you want to be best mates with the whole cast. We love Dana, the overbearing assistant manager who takes security extremely seriously, and Glen, the loveable, nice-but-dim manager. Oh, and we adore Cheyenne and Mateo’s kooky friendship!

Mean Girls (12)

This Lindsay Lohan classic has popped up on Netflix recently and we couldn’t be happier. It’s responsible for a ton of memes (“It’s October 3rd “pops up on Twitter EVERY year on, umm, October 3rd) and possibly some of the most iconic quotes, such as, “On Wednesdays we wear pink.”

It’s a funny look at the ups and downs of high school and the triumph of geeks over bullies.

There’s friendship, fall-outs, embarrassing mums and, of course, the infamous Burn Book. Whether you’re seeing this for the first or the gazillionth time, it’s always guaranteed to raise a smile.

Happy Gilmore (12)

Golf isn’t usually our go-to for laughs but in this case, we’ll make an exception. Adam Sandler is Happy Gilmore, a failed ice-hockey player with a mean temper who discovers he’s actually pretty good at golf. When his beloved Grandma’s house is being repossessed, he enters golf tournaments to earn enough money to buy it back for her. See, he’s not such a bad guy after all!

It’s a laugh a minute, from start to finish, and you’ll be quoting from this film for years to come, we guarantee it. Give it a little “tap tap taparoo!”

Schitt’s Creek (15)

Dan Levy shines in this must-watch show about a wealthy family who lose it all and have to end up making a new life in the downbeat town of Schitt’s Creek. It’s absolutely brilliant and hilarious from the very beginning and there are lots of emotional moments along the way, too.

The show doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it does cover all kinds of issues, from isolation and mental health to sexuality and relationships. Moira Rose, the mother of the family, has to be our favourite character (she has quotes for days), but David comes a very close second because he is completely fabulous.

Friday Night Dinner (15)

This British sitcom is a fun show which is literally about two 20-something brothers going to their parents’ house every Friday night for dinner. The characters are brilliantly chaotic and provide all sorts of laughs and hilarious moments. You’ll find some very relatable parent cringes throughout the five seasons!

Jim, the awkward neighbour, will fast become your favourite character. He likes to pop up on the doorstep (uninvited, usually) and creates chaos wherever he goes. Friday Night Dinner is basically every family meal you’ve ever been to – something always seems to go wrong!


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