My Sibling Is So Annoying!

Fed up with your pesky bro or snooping sis? We’ve got you covered!

Siblings can be our closest friend one minute and our worst enemy the next. Here’s how to fix some of the most common sibling setbacks without losing your cool!

Problem 1: The Space Invader

Does your sibling burst into your bedroom without knocking or refuse to give you peace and quiet to get on with schoolwork? If you’re finding it impossible to get a minute’s peace, you’re probably feeling frustrated and annoyed.

Solution: Talk to your sibling and explain that you need your own space from time to time. You could say, “I’ll be doing schoolwork from 9-12 so please give me space to focus on that.” If your sibling is desperate to spend time with you, why not offer to set aside an hour or so every day, just for them? For very young siblings, you can ask a parent or guardian to keep them out of your bedroom to give you privacy and peace.

Problem 2: The Stuff Stealer

Is your sibling forever taking your things without asking or ‘borrowing’ items without ever returning them?

Solution: It can make us feel angry to know that someone has touched or taken our stuff, especially if it’s an object of sentimental value or something we worked hard to pay for. Instead of flying off the handle, take a deep breath and count to ten…

  • If your sibling is older: Explain to your sibling how much the situation frustrates you. You could ask them why they keep taking items without permission and explain that you may even be willing to lend them stuff occasionally, but that it’s important that they ask first.
  • If your sibling is younger: Talk to a parent or guardian and ask if they can help you. Very young children are unable to understand but your parent may be able to offer practical solutions, like putting up shelves to keep your most special items out of the way of inquisitive hands.

Problem 3: The Copycat

Your sibling has started copying everything you do; from the way you wear your hair to the posters you have on your bedroom wall. SO. ANNOYING.

Solution: OK, so this can be incredibly irritating, especially at a time in our lives when we strive to be as unique and individual as possible. Try not to let their mini-me look get to you and take it as a compliment – your sibling obviously looks up to you and thinks you’re so cool, they want to emulate you.

Frustrating, yes. But it won’t be forever. Rather than argue with your sibling about it, build her or him up with compliments and encourage them to find their own style and voice.

Problem 4: The Centre of Attention

Is your sibling always front and centre, grabbing the limelight and your parents’ attention? If so, you may be experiencing feelings of bitterness and jealousy.

Solution: Ask yourself why your sibling is often the focus in the family – is it because of an illness, a disability, or an issue that needs additional help? It might be because they’re very young. Whatever the reason, it’s not healthy to bottle up feelings of jealousy.

Pick a quiet moment to talk to a parent about your worries. You could ask if they can perhaps dedicate some 1-2-1 time, just for you, and offer to help out with a sibling who needs a little more attention. This will give you a chance to forge a better bond with your sibling and may even free up your parent/s to spend more time with you. 

For more help on sibling jealousy: I’m Jealous of My Step-Family article


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