Life Skills To Teach Your Teenager

Help prep your teen for the big, bad world with these basic life skills…

Adulting isn’t always easy but knowing how to make a doctor’s appointment, top up the oil on a car or how to manage money can prepare a young adult for the responsibilities that lie ahead.

There’s never been a better time to teach these important life skills. Many teens have finished up at school for the holidays or are readying themselves for their first year at college or university. Some are heading out to start a new job and others are moving out to start a life of their own. Read on to discover how you can arm them with basic life skills to help them on their way…

Car Maintenance

Take an hour or so to show your teenager how to do basic maintenance on a car. You can teach them how to top up their wiper fluid and how to check their oil, as well as how to change a tyre. Knowing how to change a tyre could really help if they ever find themselves stuck by the side of a motorway with a flat. Dad, How Do I? on YouTube has lots of great videos to teach basic life skills such as how to change your car’s oil.


Make An Appointment

Many teens communicate via text and are hesitant to pick up a phone to talk. They’ve relied on you to make various dental, doctor and other health appointments over the years, but you can’t be responsible for this forever. Teach your teenager how to call up and make an appointment – you can even write out a simple script if they find this particularly difficult and stay by their side to offer help if needed.

Budgeting Skills

This is probably the most valuable skill you can teach a teenager – how to manage their money. Learning how to budget helps your teen understand the value of money and teaches them how to spend wisely.

You can show them an imaginary income and write down what estimated bills would be deducted from this income. Talk about the various bills and expenses we all have to pay, from rent and council tax to gas and electric. Many teenagers have no idea how expensive life can be when they eventually fly solo. 

Show them how to manage and budget their own money. You can teach them how to use a banking app and help them set up a savings account to encourage them to spend and save wisely.

Cooking Skills

Knowing how to shop and how to cook is a key life skill. Teach your teen a few simple recipes such as spaghetti Bolognese, soup, or a basic curry. You could ask your teenager to help you with your own shopping list to show them how to plan meals and how to shop for the right ingredients. Click here for more teenage-friendly recipe ideas.

Show your teen how much cheaper it is to cook healthy balanced meals versus junk food and fast food. You could also teach them how to use various kitchen equipment such as the oven in a safe way.

Chores & Cleaning

Teach your teen how to keep a clean house. You can show them how to vacuum, dust, and how to clean a bathroom. You can teach them basic household maintenance, too, such as how to change a lightbulb or unblock a drain.

Time Management

Many teens struggle with managing their time effectively. Help your teenager create a simple schedule, blocking out time for work/study and time for fun and socialising. Learning how to manage their time will help them feel less stressed and overwhelmed in later life.

Get Organised

Show your teen the importance of keeping their space organised and clutter-free. If your teenager is embarking on several years of studying or has a work-from-home job, you can help them set up a workspace. This can increase concentration and productivity, and it gives them a designated space they can leave when study or work is done for the day.   

Writing A CV

Show your teenager how to create a CV and write professional cover letters to improve their employability. You can find lots of targeted CV advice here on Indeed and more information on cover letters here.

Try teaching these life skills today to give your teenager a brighter future tomorrow!


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