I Hate My Skin!

Feeling like acne is ruining your life? You’re not alone. Spots can make everyday stresses even harder to cope with but there are ways to help make things better…

Acne and spots will affect 95% of us at some point in our life*. It’s extremely common, especially during puberty, but it can be hard to live with. Whether you’re prone to the odd spot or suffer from serious acne, you may be feeling self-conscious, embarrassed or even depressed.

Remember, acne is a perfectly normal part of growing up and it won’t last forever. Spots are not caused by being dirty or not washing – they’re caused by hormonal changes, which you have absolutely no control over. And while you may have no control over your hormones and their pesky side-effects, you do have controlover how you deal with it so here are a few ways to boost your skin and your confidence!

Be patient. It can be frustrating but there’s no instant fix for acne. There are treatments but these can take time to work.

Eat well. Stick to a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. Keep a food diary to see if any particular foods trigger outbreaks.

Apply an over-the-counter gel or cream containing benzoyl peroxide to treat blackheads and minor spots. You should see your GP if your acne is more serious.

Talk about your feelings. It’s normal to feel upset and embarrassed about spots but sometimes this can lead to depression. Speak to your doctor if you feel like acne is seriously affecting your mental health.

Apply make-up to boost your confidence – it’s a myth that cosmetics make spots worse! You can use concealer and foundation to reduce and cover spots and redness but be sure to choose non-acnegenic make-up that’s gentle on your skin. If you’re not confident with make-up, there are lots of great YouTube tutorials you can watch to help you.

Cleanse your skin and remove make up every night before going to bed. Use a gentle face wash and resist the urge to scrub too hard which can irritate the skin.

Never squeeze or pick your spots as this can make them worse and can lead to scarring and infection.

Embarrassment is a normal reaction to having spots. You might feel as if all people can see is your acne because you’re feeling so self-conscious. Be kind to yourself and talk about your feelings. Try to focus on the things you like most about yourself and remind yourself that acne doesn’t define you and that it will eventually disappear.

*Source: NHS


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