How To Cope With The Autumn Blues

As summer fades into colder, darker days, here’s how you can keep the blues at bay…

It’s not quite time to dig out the good old winter coat, but as the days shorten and the weather turns cooler, many of us start to feel the familiar creep of the winter blues. Feeling less motivated? A bit down in the dumps? Zero energy? Check, check and check again.

It’s not unusual to feel a bit blah and depressed at this time of year. Try our top 10 tips to help you beat the blues!

  1. Daily Dose Of The Great Outdoors

Make time every day to go outside for fresh air. It can be tempting to hunker down under a blanket and binge watch the newest trend on Netflix, but research has shown that being outdoors is good for our mental health. Wrap up warm if the weather is rubbish and aim to stride out in your lunch break or after walk.

  1. Plan Fun Stuff!

Don’t write-off the season just yet! Make plans with friends and family to give yourself lots to look forward to over the coming months. Make the most of the colder months by enjoying stuff you wouldn’t do in the summer – cosy movie marathons, ice skating, winter walks in your woollies…

  1. Eat To Beat The Blues

Fuel your body with healthy foods to boost your mood and energy levels. Fruit, nuts, leafy greens and handfuls of berries are all good mood foods!

  1. Light It Up

Natural sunlight can make you feel a whole lot better. People who suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder – AKA the winter blues) often find a light box can relieve many of their symptoms. These can be quite expensive so you may find a dawn simulation alarm clock a more affordable solution. These mimic a natural sunrise to waken you gently.

  1. Start A New Hobby

Now is a great time to pick up a new hobby! Keeping your mind and hands busy can distract you from low moods and negative thinking. Find something that holds your interest and give it a try today!

  1. Sort Your Sleep

The temptation to hibernate throughout the colder months is real but it’s much more beneficial to find a healthy sleep balance. Check out our tips for getting into a sleep routine here.

  1. Self-Care Your September

… and beyond! Be kind to yourself. Do something you enjoy every single day. It doesn’t have to cost a penny – find lots of great self-care tips here!

  1. Unleash Your Creativity

Being creative can really help to boost your mood. Drawing, acting, writing – these are all brilliant ways to use your imagination and escape to more exciting places.

  1. Challenge Yourself

Set yourself a personal goal and go for it! Having goals can give your life structure and purpose, making you feel more positive and motivated. Setting and achieving targets can make you feel awesome!

  1. Talk About It

Don’t bottle up your blues or suffer in silence. Talk to friends or family about how you’re feeling. They may even have some helpful suggestions of things you can do to make you feel better. If you feel like you might have SAD, talk to your GP for help and advice.

Read more about the effects of winter blues here.


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