Happy Days!

Surround yourself with good vibes only and inject a burst of happiness this International Day of Happiness!

Feeling gloomy? Fed up? Turn your frown upside-down and treat a downbeat mood with one of our happy hints for an instant burst of serotonin!

Change Direction

Moping around the house or lazing in bed? We’ve all been in that gloomy mood where we’re bored beyond belief but don’t know what we actually want to do with ourselves and can’t be bothered figuring it out. Whatever it is you’re doing right now – stop. Do something completely different. Go outdoors for a bit or throw on some music and keep yourself busy to help blow away the blues.

Glow Up!

Hitting the shower and putting on our best clothes or fave outfit can make everything seem a whole lot better. It doesn’t matter if you’re all dressed up with nowhere to go. This is about self-confidence and boosting your own body image and mood. Even just throwing on a clean pair of joggers and brushing your hair can make all the difference!

The Great Outdoors

Come rain, wind, or shine, the outdoors is a great place to blow away the cobwebs and lift the spirits. Take a friend (four-legged furries are often great companions!), grab your coat, wellies and an umbrella if you have to! and venture out. Head into green spaces and focus on what you can see, hear and smell. Tap into the senses. There is nothing like the wind in your hair and the ground beneath your feet to leave you feeling better.

Zoom Away The Gloom

Stuck inside because of lockdown or restrictions? Set up a FaceTime or Zoom call with your mates. You can meet to chat or even do a funny quiz – there are lots of ideas and quiz questions available online. Seeing our mates’ faces grinning back at us makes it almost impossible to smile back.

Dance Like No-one Is Watching

Crank the tunes up high and let loose. No dodgy dancing is off-limits here – go with it! Clear a space and dance up a storm. It’s a good way to get a quick blast of exercise and makes you feel happier and free at the same time – it’s a win-win!

Treat Yourself

Why not treat yourself to your favourite lunch or snack, or that t-shirt you’ve been eyeing up online? We need to reward ourselves every now and again as a reminder of how amazing and deserving we are. You can treat yourself to a lie-in, a morning of gaming, brekkie in bed… whatever makes you smile.

Laugh Until You Cry!

Pop on a funny podcast or show that’s always guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Maybe one of your friends has a special knack of making you laugh until your sides hurt? Whatever it is in life that makes you laugh, seek it out. Laughter really is the best medicine!

Remember When?

Take a trip down memory lane and look at photos of moments in your life that made you happy. A childhood birthday party, a silly snap with friends or old photos of that one disastrous yet hilarious camping trip can trigger feel-good memories and giggles. So, dig out the photo albums or scroll through your phone today for a happy blast from the past!

Of course, if you’re feeling very low or suffering from anxiety or depression, these feel-good activities are unlikely to help. If your mood is extremely low, please talk to someone today. You can read more about depression and anxiety here or call Childline on 0800 11 11 to get more help.


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