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How can learning help improve mental health? Find out this Mental Health Awareness Week (May 10-16) …

Mental Health UK is running a fantastic ‘5 Ways To Wellbeing’ campaign this week to help people across the country learn how to care for their mental health. The theme is nature, and it’s a great way to make your wellbeing a priority.

What Are The 5 Ways To Wellbeing?

They are five simple pillars to help you focus on your mental health:


Work on building and nurturing meaningful relationships with friends, family, or colleagues.


Increase your physical activity to keep anxiety at bay!


Be mindful and aware of the world around you.


Challenging ourselves can improve confidence.

  • GIVE

Giving back to the community or giving our time to help others can be so rewarding.

Take a look back at our past guides for CONNECT, BE ACTIVE and TAKE NOTICE and see if there are any challenges you want to try today! Today we’ll be focusing on KEEP LEARNING and offering you suggestions on ways to expand your skills and knowledge. Learning more about the world around us or trying something new can be exciting and challenging. This helps to boost your confidence and fills you with a sense of pride and achievement.



Sign up to an outdoor activity you wouldn’t normally consider trying! Yoga, an exercise class, a rambling group… the world is your oyster! You can usually find information about local groups on social media. If you feel nervous or shy, why not take a friend for moral support? The sense of achievement you’ll gain from stepping outside of your comfort zone will be worth it!


Have a go at gardening. You don’t have to be green fingered to enjoy pottering about with plants and earth. Look online for beginner gardening tips or check out your local library for a helpful book. If you don’t have a garden, you can try your hand at growing and looking after a houseplant or a mini herb garden for the windowsill.


Have a think about volunteering at your local animal centre or community garden. It’s a good way to learn new skills while you meet new people – plus it’s a brilliant addition to your CV! Employers love to see candidates who take part in extracurricular activities because it shows a strong work ethic, passion, and dedication. Reach out on social media today to see if any of your local charitable organisations could use an extra pair of hands.


Try a new hobby or pick up a pastime you haven’t enjoyed in a while. This could be something crafty or arty, or something physical like skateboarding or cycling. YouTube tutorials are great for picking up a new skill or you could ask a friend or family member to show you how if they have a particular talent.


Is there a task or responsibility at work you’d like to take on? Ask your boss if you can give it a go! Are you part of a sports team? Maybe you could offer to help your coach with arranging match dates or organising team events. If you’re at school, think about how you could gain more experience or knowledge – you could offer to assist in the library, help coach younger pupils, or give up the occasional lunch break to help with footie training.

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