Be Your Own Hero!

There’s nothing you can’t do – you just need to realise it…

Are you bogged down by self-doubts? Constantly over-critical of the things you do and say, or how you look or dress? It’s time to shed those niggling negative voices at the back of your mind and learn to love yourself. Ready to be your own hero? Throw on your cape and get ready to save planet YOU!

Accepting Reality

First things first. We all need to accept that most things won’t change unless we make a change. There’s no point wishing some miracle will come along to turn our lives around, such as a surprise lottery win, so why waste our time waiting on something that’s incredibly unlikely to happen? Your energy is far better spent focused on the things you can impact.

No More Excuses

We’re all guilty of making excuses when we don’t achieve our goals or feel as if we’re falling short. Saying things, like, “I totally want to get fit, but the gym is too expensive!’ is a perfect example of this. If you have your heart set on something, don’t let anything get in your way…

  • Want to get fit but don’t have much money? Go for a walk or a run every day, maybe try a YouTube work-out and try to make healthier food choices.
  • Keen to apply for a job but worried you won’t be ‘good’ enough? Write down everything you’ve achieved in your life and read it over. Spend time on your CV to show your potential employer that you are amazing, and they would be lucky to have you!

By ditching our excuses and concentrating on what we can do, instead of what we can’t, we’re switching the focus to a more positive outlook. This helps you realise your own self-potential and value.

You & Your Goals

Think about what YOU want most and write it down. Set yourself goals to give yourself direction and a clear path to follow. When you have an end goal in sight, you’re far more likely to succeed because you know exactly what it is you want to achieve and will feel more motivated to stick to the plan.

If you’re looking to make a personal or emotional change in your life, it can help to model yourself on someone you admire. If, for example, you want to be more outgoing, you might admire one specific person who seems to make friends easily. Look at the way that person behaves and write down what you think it is about them that makes them successful at forging friendships – it could be their light-hearted humour, their kindness, or a supportive nature. You can then aim to ‘adopt’ these positive behaviours and traits yourself.

Focus Is Key

Forget about everyone else and focus on yourself. Comparing ourselves in a negative way to others leads to self-doubt and this can have a massive impact on our self-esteem. Whenever you hear those negative critical voices sneak into your head, shut them down. List your own positive qualities (shout them out loud if you need to!) to quieten the negativity and think about everything that makes you unique and amazing. Learn how to be kind to yourself.

Go For It!

Finally, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to achieve your goals. Changes can be scary, but you’ll have allies and sidekicks along the way. Reach out for help when you need it and don’t shy away from accepting support – even heroes need a helping hand!


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