5 Ways To Wake Up Happy!

Tired of waking up on the wrong side of the bed? We got you.

Rise and shine, sleepyhead! If reading that makes you groan, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re not promising to transform you into a chirpy early bird (who even are these people?!) but we are here to help you wake up the right way.

1. Gentle Awakening

If you’re a hit-snooze-forty-billion-times-and-sleep-in kinda person, then it’s time to make a switch. Ditch the alarm clock and get ready to wake up more naturally with a sunrise alarm clock. The clever clock with gradually brighten and fill your room with a natural sunny glow half an hour before you’re due to get up, wakening you gently and calmly. You can also set it to sunset mode before going to bed to help you drift off bathed in a warm glow. The Lumie clock is popular and costs around £39 but there are other cheaper alternatives available here. For more advice on getting a great night’s sleep, click here.

2. Let There Be Light!

Forget stumbling about in the half-dark every morning, stubbing your toe on the bedframe or tripping over a discarded pile of clothes as you try to cling on to that ‘sleepy’ feeling because you’re desperate to roll back into bed. Once you wake, go to your window and open your curtains or blinds to allow the daylight to seep into your room. You could even crank the window open a notch and breathe in the outdoor air to get your brain and senses going. Miserable and dark outside? Turn on a light and let your eyes adjust to a brand-new day.

3. Make Mornings Enjoyable

Plan something nice for every single morning to give yourself something to get up for. How about a mug of that new latte you like so much or a walk in the park with your dog? Ooh, and because you got up on time for once there’s time for a lazy brekkie with toast in one hand and that book you can’t put down in the other… Bliss.

4. Hit The Gym

Three words that hit hard, we know. But exercise is actually one of the best ways – if not THE best way – to get yourself motivated for the day ahead. Why not give it a go? Squeeze in an hour or even 30 minutes of a workout every morning and be prepared to reap the benefits. You’ll start to feel fitter, more alert, motivated and confident, plus you’ll sleep better and feel less anxious. No gym membership, no excuses! You can work out at home with a YouTube video, go for a brisk walk, try yoga or go for a run – anything that gets a sweat on!

5. Eat Breakfast

Some people can eagerly wolf down a full English brekkie the second they open their eyes while the very thought of greasy bacon and runny yolks can make others reach for the sick bowl. Whichever camp you’re in, it’s important to eat a healthy, balanced breakfast every morning to give you much-needed energy for the day ahead. Try eating something small and light if you’re not used to having breakfast, like berries, yoghurt or a small bowl of cereal. You can still have a full English if that’s your thing. Make it healthier by choosing lean bacon and chicken or low-fat sausages, pile your plate with grilled tomatoes and try a poached egg instead of a fried one. 


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