10 Ways To Make Mum Smile

Make mum (or a special someone you love) smile this Mother’s Day, without spending a penny!

Love comes for free so don’t worry if you don’t have the cash to splash out on gifts for Mum this Mother’s Day. Here are lots of little ways you can make her feel loved and special, today and every day!

  1. Brekkie In Bed

An oldie but a goodie! Start Mum’s day right by making her a breakfast to enjoy in bed. Younger siblings can help with juice, pastries and cereals – all the things that don’t involve heat or sharp kitchen equipment! 

  1. Mum Montage

Make a montage of photos of family photos and all the special people in your mum’s life. Don’t forget to ask permission first! If you don’t have any photos, why not draw cute portraits of your whole family or make art of your family tree? You can find lots of ideas on Pinterest.

  1. Role Reversal

Be Mum for the day! Pick up the chores your mum would normally do, like dishes or dusting. You can get your siblings involved to help out to give Mum a much-deserved day off.

  1. Dear Mum…

Write your mum a letter. You could write down all the reasons why you love her, or what it is about her that makes her so special. Stuck for ideas? Try writing an acrostic poem using the letters within your mum’s name to start each line.

  1. DIY Spa

Run her a bath with her favourite products, dim the lights and play relaxing music to create a DIY spa vibe. You could lay out her dressing gown and slippers plus a fluffy towel for the full spa effect!

  1. Pamper Party

Spoil your mum with a spot of pampering. You could massage her shoulders (or feet!), paint her nails, apply a face mask, brush her hair or offer to do her makeup. Everyone loves to be pampered!

  1. Hollywood At Home

Plan a special movie night where Mum is the star! Invite her to her very own premiere in the living room. You can ask her to get glammed up or she can wear her comfiest PJs. You can pick out a movie for you to watch together and prepare some cinema snacks to enjoy.

  1. Make Dinner

If Mum’s usually the cook in the house, why not give her the night off and prepare a meal by yourself or with the help of another family member? Don’t worry about being fancy – even the simplest meal tastes amazing when it’s made by someone else with love. 

  1. IOU Coupons

Do a Joey from Friends and make Mum an IOU book of vouchers for her to ‘cash’ in when she wants to use them. These could include chores like walking the dog or doing the dishes, or it could be a promise to do something nice – ‘IOU one back rub’ or ‘IOU a hug’. It’s the gift that keeps giving!

  1.  The Perfect Cuppa

Sometimes, even the simplest actions can show someone how much you care. Surprise your mum by showing up with a cup of tea or coffee in her favourite mug, along with an armful of magazines or the book she’s reading. Little gestures really can go a long way to making someone feel special.

Mother’s Day can be difficult for some people for many reasons, especially if there has been loss or family breakups. Some people choose to ignore Mother’s Day completely and others choose to honour a father or another family member instead. If Mother’s Day is making you feel sad or upset, do talk to someone a family member or maybe a friend.


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