10 Reasons To Smile

Why smiling and laughing is good for you!

Who would’ve something as simple as smile could make a difference to your mental and physical health and wellbeing?! Discover the benefits of smiling and try it for yourself!

  1. It’s Contagious!

It’s true what they say – a smile is as contagious as a yawn. And while we’ve spent more than a year trying not to share anything contagious, a smile is the one bug you want others to catch! Smiling at others can lift their mood and yours. So let your smile light up the room and spread those happy vibes!

  1. Smiling Reduces Stress

When everything is getting on top of you and you feel like you’re going to erupt in 3,2,1… Stop. Breathe. Crack a smile. Even a fake smile can help you feel less stressed. Give it a try!

  1. It’s Nice To Be Nice

Smiles and laughter can be a great icebreaker in social situations, especially when talking with people you might not know. A 2010 study* found that laughing and smiling are important ways of subtly showing kindness to others.

  1. Smiling Boosts Your Mood

When you smile, your body releases endorphins, which can make you feel more positive and happier – yay! Try a smile whenever you’re feeling blue – pop on a funny video or have a chat with a hilarious mate to unleash the laughter.

  1. It’s A Natural Pain Relief

Fact: smiling can help relieve aches and pains. Those endorphins we talked about? Well, they’re a natural painkiller. So, if you’re struggling with a headache or fed up with achy joints after the gym, try having a good laugh.

  1. It Helps You Make Friends

Being a smiley person makes you more approachable which means people are more likely to be drawn to you. If you’re shy or struggle to make friends, try a smile. You’ll be amazed at how many people will reply in a friendly way!

  1. You Can Smile With Your Eyes

Now that we’re all wearing masks more often, it can be more difficult to share our smile with others, but don’t stop… you can always tell if someone is smiling by the crinkle in their eyes! You can also ‘hear’ a smile by the tone of someone’s voice. So don’t let masks mask your magic!

  1. It Helps Release Emotions

A good belly-laugh can help you release pent-up emotions. It’s cathartic and lets you blow off steam so go ahead and ROFL to feel the benefits!

  1. Smiling Encourages Positive Thinking

By smiling more, you can actually train yourself to respond more positively. Studies have discovered that there is a strong link between positivity and health. Positive thinking can improve your mood, your outlook and even your stress levels.

  1. Smiling Makes You Appear Confident

… even if you don’t feel particularly self-assured. Try a smile and hold your head up high – you’ll be surprised how easily you can ‘trick’ yourself into feeling more confident!

Read more about why laughter is good for you here.

*Source: Takeda, M., Hashimoto, R., Kudo, T., Okochi, M., Tagami, S., Morihara, T., Sadick, G. and Tanaka, T. (2010). Laughter and humour as complementary and alternative medicines for dementia patients. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, [online] 10(1). Available at: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2896339/ [Accessed 30 Apr. 2021].


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