10 Reasons To Love Yourself!

Because sometimes we can be our own worst enemy…

We’re all guilty of being down on ourselves from time to time. Ask yourself this: Have you been kind to yourself today? If not, then now is the time to start! Show yourself some love and give yourself the credit you deserve to remind yourself why you are worth loving…

1. Your Body Is Amazing!

Whatever your hang-ups and insecurities are, try to take a moment to appreciate your body for all the wonderful things it does for you: the legs that carry you through your day; the arms that allow you to cuddle your pet and the eyes that smile and twinkle when someone makes you laugh or pays you a compliment.

2. You Are Special

If you’re ever in doubt about how truly fantastic you are, say it out loud. Look in the mirror and tell yourself “I am worth it” every single morning. Repeat it in your head in moments when you feel less than worthy or insecure. It really helps to reaffirm that you are something special.

3. You Are Unique!

Focus on what makes you unique. Is it a quirky hairstyle you wear? A dorky hobby? A contagious laugh? Whatever it is, own it. This is what makes you stand out from the crowd, and you should be proud.

4. You Are A Good Friend

What is it about you that makes you a good friend? Some of us are great listeners, others might be the life and soul of the party. Write down what it is that makes you a brilliant bestie and give yourself a pat on the back.

5. You Are Loved

Think about the people you love and those who love you. They love you for a reason, right? Because you’re special. Because you make their day brighter. Because you are you.

6. You Are Clever

We can’t all be geniuses or straight A students, but we all have at least one thing we’re really good at. What’s yours? Is it a sport, a craft, a computer game? Maybe it’s the way you help others, or the natural skill you have at making friends. Find your talent – whatever it may be – and celebrate your awesomeness.

7. You Make People Happy

Think back to when you last made someone smile or laugh and how that made you feel. Picture how they looked at the time: the crinkling of their eyes, the upturned mouth and the laugh that followed… YOU did that! You made someone feel good by putting a smile on their face.  

8. Your Dreams Are Important

Whatever it is you want to do in life, wherever you want to go, whoever you want to be… it matters. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Dream big and aim high.

9. You Are Confident

…even if you don’t think you are. Fake it until you make it – pretend to be confident and you’ll begin to feel more confident. This truly works and it helps you face the world with your head held high.

10. You Are Brave

Yes, YOU! Bravery doesn’t just mean climbing mountains and jumping out of planes – you’ve done a lot of things in your life that scared you and you lived to tell the tale. Standing up in front of the class to talk, finally finishing that huge homework project, facing your fears of creepy crawlies by catching a spider in the bathroom… ALL BRAVE. There’s nothing you can’t do when you put your mind to it.

Whenever you’re feeling self-doubt, read through these 10 reasons to love yourself to boost your self-worth and confidence. We all need a reminder of how amazing we are, every now and again. It’s not bragging and it’s not selfish. It’s SELF-LOVE.

For lots of great ideas on how to show yourself some self-love, click here.


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