10 New Things To Try Today!

Bored of the same-old? Give these ideas a spin and see if you can boost your mood!

Feeling stuck in a rut and seriously fed up? We hear you. It’s good to change up your usual routine to keep things fresh and interesting. If you’re looking for ideas for something different to do, look no further. You can try as many of these ideas as you like, either by yourself or with friends or family – it’s up to you! How many will you complete?

Take A Hike

Grab a group of friends and head out into the great outdoors to explore. A walk in the countryside is great for your mental well-being and physical fitness. Don’t forget to wear sensible shoes and plan your route before you go!

Start A Mood Journal

Track your moods and emotions by writing down your thoughts and feelings in your own diary. It can be cathartic to write down the things that worry you most, instead of keeping them trapped inside.

Try A New Food

Expand your culinary horizons and tease your tastebuds with a food you’ve never eaten before. Order in a takeaway or try your hand at cooking your own version – how exotic will you go?!

Magical Memories

Create your own time capsule! Fill a box with photos of you and your friends, old ticket stubs, cuttings from today’s newspaper and anything else you like. Bury it in the garden to dig up in years to come or give it to a family member for safe keeping.

Hobby Hero

Learn a new skill – you could cook, sew, roller skate or give gardening a go. You can follow online tutorials (YouTube has lots of helpful videos) to teach yourself a brand- new talent!

Adventure Is Out There!

Head out to explore an area of your hometown or city you’ve never been to before. You might discover a cool landmark, an interesting path, or a great new place to hang out. Take a friend (four-legged ones make great adventure companions) and don’t forget to tell someone where you’re going before you leave.

Movies In The Mix

Put on a movie you wouldn’t ever normally pick and give it a go. Netflix has a fun feature called ‘Play Something’ – hit it to choose a movie or show at random and see what comes up. Who knows, you might discover your next binge-worthy obsession!

Learn A New Language

OK, so you don’t have to become fluent in French but why not start learning a few phrases in another language? Duolingo is a fun app designed to help you learn words and phrases in your choice of language – choose from Spanish, French, Japanese, German, and so many more to start your bilingual journey today!

Available on IOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/duolingo-language-lessons/id570060128

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.duolingo&hl=en_GB&gl=US

Mystery Music

Plug in and listen to a music genre you’ve never explored before. You might not become the world’s biggest jazz fan, but you might discover a passion for trance! It’s good to branch out and try new tunes.

Get Creative

Make a gift for a friend or a family member. You could bake fudge and pop it in a gift box or create a photo album filled with special photos. Handmade gifts are always so much more personal than shop-bought so put your thinking cap on and see what you can create!


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