10 Benefits Of Volunteering

Why giving your time to help others can boost your own mental well-being…

Giving up your spare time to volunteer with a local charity or organisation not only makes you feel good inside; it also helps you develop key life and work skills. It’s also a brilliant way to increase your confidence and build up your self-esteem. Helping others + doing a good job = a sense of warmth and pride!

Why Is Volunteering Good For Your Well-being?

  1. Confidence Boost!

Volunteering is a brilliant way to improve your self-esteem. You’ll grow in confidence, little by little, as you master new skills and meet new people. Helping others + doing a good job = a sense of warmth and pride!

  1. Network Like A Pro

You’ll get the chance to meet all kinds of people when you become a volunteer. You’ll build a network of contacts who can help you on your volunteer journey and beyond. Some of these people might even become lifelong friends!

  1. Bye, Bye, Loneliness

Volunteering is a great way to meet like-minded people and make new friends. If you’re feeling lonely or struggle to establish friendships, why not give it a try? Get ready to supersize your social life!

  1. Community & Connections

Being an integral part of the community makes you feel connected and protective of the people around you. It makes you feel proud of your local community, motivating you to do the very best job you can do.

  1. Fit & Healthy!

Lots of voluntary positions require physical activity (such as lifting boxes at a food bank or working outdoors in a community garden), and we all know the positive impact exercise can have on our mental health and well-being.

Why Is Volunteering Good For Your Career And CV?

  1. Serious Skills

You’ll pick up so many invaluable, transferable skills that will help to set you up for life! These new-found skills will help you in so many ways in the future, both in the workplace and the home.

  1. Potential Paid Job

Volunteering can open doors to potential paid positions within the organisation, should you want to look for something more permanent down the line. If a job becomes available, you’ll be at the front of the candidate queue with your bags of experience!

  1. CV Star

Voluntary experience on your CV shows future employers you have good values, are dedicated, compassionate, and willing to work hard to make a difference to others. These are desirable and admirable values in any employee – actually, any human – and set you aside as a strong candidate for the job.

  1. Dream Team

Volunteering often gives you the opportunity to learn how to work as a team. This is an important skill for virtually all workplaces.

  1.  Glowing Reference

Your hard work and dedication as a volunteer can be used as a reference on your CV, job or uni application. This can really help if you don’t have any other work or past employers to put down as a reference or want to include someone other than a teacher or lecturer.

Where Can I Volunteer?

There are lots of local charities and organisations you can approach to enquire about volunteer positions. Try asking your local:

  • Food bank or soup kitchen
  • Animal sanctuary
  • Sports club
  • Library
  • Community hall or garden
  • Nature reserve
  • Charities – try Age UK, Barnardo’s, British Red Cross, Cancer Research UK, the National Trust, The Prince’s Trust
  • Nursing home
  • Hospital
  • School

Search online to find opportunities in your local area. Click here to discover volunteering positions near you!


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