Why Reading Is Good For Your Mental Health

6 reasons why books are brilliant for your mental health and well-being…


If you’re feeling uptight or struggling to switch off after a busy day, try picking up a book or magazine and get lost in the pages of good story. Bedtime reading is a great way to help your body power down, ready for a good night’s sleep. Discover more ways to improve your sleeping pattern here.


Books can help you de-stress. A 2009 study by the University of Sussex found that 30 minutes of reading calms frazzled nerves better than a cup of tea or a walk outdoors. That’s because reading focuses the mind, allowing you to concentrate on just one thing with no distractive thoughts to contend with.


Reading is basically a workout for your brain! It keeps your mind active and improves your vocabulary. Reading helps to train your brain to focus and follow words which helps boost your memory power. Plus, you can learn a whole lot from books which definitely comes in handy during tests and quizzes!

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Getting lost in the pages of a good book is a pleasurable way to escape the stress and strife of everyday life. There’s nothing like curling up with a book and getting caught up in an exciting story. It’s a great way to forget your worries and woes, even for just a short while.

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Reading can make you more empathetic because it helps you to better understand how other people might be feeling. A book can give you an insight into another person’s head, helping you to put yourself in their shoes and get a clearer picture of why they act in a certain way or why they feel a particular way.


Reading allows you to enter the mind of the narrator and to view their world through their eyes. Switching to a completely different perspective like this helps you switch up your thinking IRL. This makes it easier for you to ‘think outside the box’ or to challenge your own negative thoughts by looking for an alternative POV. Being more flexibly minded really can benefit your mental health and wellbeing. Discover more ways to flip your thinking here.


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