What is a Hope Box and How can it help you?

When you are feeling really overwhelmed, upset or even having thoughts of hurting yourself. It can be hard to know what to do or how to manage it.  Often people find keeping busy or active help but if you are at home it might be harder to do that.  A hope box can help, you can use it when feelings feel really big and unmanageable and it is a good start at learning self care. 

So what is it?

It’s a bag or box filled with lots of little activities. The idea is you have several things in it and you work your way through until it’s empty. At the end of the box, the hope is you feel better, having shifted your focus to put some distance between you and the strong emotion. Once it’s finished, top the activities up again and it is ready the next time you need it. This is only as limited as your imagination, your interests, you can change it, or do theme boxes.  

An example of things you can add are: 

  • Music 
  • Favourite book 
  • Magazine 
  • Puzzle 
  • Colouring 
  • Art supplies 
  • Favourite snack 
  • Individual hot chocolate 
  • Bath bomb 
  • Nail varnish 
  • Video Game 
  • A letter to yourself to read 
  • A letter from an important person 
  • Positive quotes 
  • A favourite scent 
  • Pictures of favourite memories or people 
  • Your future goals 

And so many more……. 


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