Treat Yo’Self!

It’s National Splurge Day (yes, really!) so go ahead and spoil yourself…

We all deserve a treat every now and again. Being kind to ourselves isn’t selfish – it’s self-care – and it doesn’t have to cost the earth, either. Here are lots of ways you can spoil yourself rotten without spending it up!

Takeaway Treat

This is pretty much our go-to anytime we want to treat ourselves but that’s because it never fails. Order in from your favourite takeaway and have a chilled night in front of the TV. Feeling adventurous? Order a food you’ve never tried before or (hear us out) swerve your usual takeaway place and TRY SOMEWHERE NEW. Not convinced? No, us neither. Maybe some other time… *orders our usual pizza from the usual takeaway*

Say It With Flowers

Who says we have to wait to be gifted flowers?! Grab a cheery, cheap bunch at your local supermarket to brighten up your bedroom or pick a few flowers from the garden and pop them in a vase (please ask permission first and step away from your mum’s favourite rose bush…).


Eat cake. That is all.

Take A Nap

A quick cat nap can do the world of good for your mood. Having a hectic day? Make time for a nap to recharge your batteries. Snuggle up in your favourite spot, doze off in the sunshine or dive under your covers for a well-deserved power snooze!

Get Your Chef On

Find a recipe that makes you drool and hit the supermarket to pick up any ingredients you might need. Fire up your inner Gordon Ramsay and get cracking on preparing and cooking a tasty meal just for you.*

*(Side note: Don’t be an idiot sandwich in the kitchen – stay safe and ask for help/permission where you need it.)

Power Up Your Playlists

Positive vibes only! Create your own custom playlist filled with happy tunes and feel-good beats. Crank up the volume to full-blast and dance like no-one’s watching or throw on your headphones and get outside for a walk to blow away the cobwebs.

Pamper Sesh

Treat yourself to a night of pampering products and a long soak in the tub. You can mix up a simple face mask at home using ordinary cupboard ingredients like yoghurt, honey, and oatmeal – just search online for lots of great recipes. Create a chilled, laid-back atmosphere by lighting a few candles and playing music in the background. Relax and enjoy!

Comedy Night

If you’re in need of a good belly laugh, have a night in with your favourite comedians/comediennes. You could re-watch your favourite stand-up show or stick on a sitcom or movie that’s sure to make you LOL.

A Spot Of Culture

Spend an afternoon at your local museum (entry is often free) or take a walk and visit nearby historical places of interest, such as castles, monuments, or statues. You could spend a few peaceful hours in your local library perusing the books and maybe even borrowing a few to take home with you.

Time Out

Take a whole day off. It doesn’t matter how you spend it so don’t worry about being productive. Do whatever makes you happy for an entire day. Bliss.

Let us know how you plan to treat yo’self today! Tag us in your pics on social media using #treatyoself linktr.ee/hiddenstrengthuk


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