The Snooze Zone

Try this easy-peasy bedtime routine tonight and see if you can drift off into a better night’s sleep!

Do you often struggle to get to sleep? You’re not alone. We need sleep to grow, rest and recuperate, and yet many Teens have difficulty drifting off or fail to get the recommended  8-10 hours of sleep.

Plus, of course, there’s the impact of COVID-19 and home schooling, and the impact that has had on our sleeping patterns and behaviours. Anxiety and stress can  keep us up at night or we may have simply slipped into an unhealthy sleep pattern after too many late bedtimes and late mornings.

Try this simple bedtime routine today and see if you can switch up your sleep pattern for the better!


Before you begin your bedtime routine, prepare your bedroom for one thing and one thing only: SLEEP. Remove any screens to resist the temptation to scroll or binge-watch boxsets. You can draw the curtains, set the lighting low and play calming music in the background to create a welcoming, relaxing space.

TOP TIP: Freshly-cleaned bedding makes for a far more inviting place to snuggle up in.


Is there anything in particular that keeps you up at night? If you’re worrying about an essay you have due or something is playing on your mind, write it down. Jot down everything that’s buzzing about in your head and write a simple to-do list for tomorrow. You’ll instantly feel more organised and relaxed.

TOP TIP: Can’t be bothered writing stuff down? Make a voice note on your phone instead.


People often worry if they don’t get to sleep they won’t be able to work or function the next day.  Try to relax!  As we get older, we need less sleep and there is no danger in losing the odd nights sleep.  Remember your body will take sleep when it needs it unless you deliberately try to stay awake.


It’s really important to give your body and mind time to wind down before you go to sleep, otherwise you’ll find yourself tossing and turning or staring at the ceiling  in the early hours of the morning. Avoid caffeine or fizzy drinks and turn off screens a few hours before bedtime.

What do you like to do to relax and wind down? A bath is a good way to get your body ready for sleep, or you could take a long, hot shower. Afterwards, you can read a book, doodle or draw, or listen to a podcast.

TOP TIP: There are lots of great sleep stories and meditation apps available to help you prepare for sleep. Read our picks here.


If you find yourself wrestling with a lumpy pillow or wake up tangled in a suffocating duvet, it’s maybe time to make some changes to your bedding. Layer up cotton sheets and soft blankets to give you more control over your temperature through the night.

Sleep experts suggest that it’s best to try and sleep in a foetal position, curled up like a baby on your side, but you might find another position much more comfortable, and you’ll soon find what works for you.

TOP TIP: You could Invest in a long snuggle cushion to place between your legs for extra comfort.


Now that you’re rested and snuggled up, you’ll hopefully find it much easier to drift off. Don’t worry if your bedtime routine doesn’t work straightway – it can take many nights of practise to retrain your body and settle into a routine. Keep at it and you should start to see the benefits soon. A good sleep really can have such an impact on your physical and mental health. You’ll feel fresher, rested and more able to concentrate the following day when you start to enjoy quality sleep.

Goodnight, sleep tight


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