Suicidal Thoughts and Suicide Help

Everyone has moments of feeling sad from time to time. Life has its share of ups and downs that can be difficult to deal with. But if you’re feeling so down that you can’t see a way out of it, you should know that you’re not alone. Many people have felt this way and gone on to live happy lives. There is help available to support you if you’re having suicidal feelings, whatever the reason for you feeling this way.

What are Suicidal Feelings?

Suicide is the act of taking your own life on purpose. Suicidal thoughts might mean thinking that your friends or family would be better off without you. Or it might mean making plans to end your own life.

These are some of the warning signs that you might be having suicidal thoughts:

  • Always thinking or talking about death
  • Feelings of intense sadness
  • Having trouble eating or sleeping
  • Wanting to be alone all the time and avoiding others
  • Losing interest in things that used to make you happy
  • Feeling worthless or helpless
  • Feeling angry about things in your life
  • Feeling desperate, like you have no other choice

For some people, suicidal thoughts can range from a passing thought that comes and goes, to making actual plans to end their life.  Suicidal thoughts are when you think about taking your own life as a way of ending the pain you’re feeling.

Some people find that these thoughts become constant, leading them to consider taking action towards ending their life. Thoughts like this are very serious, and you should seek help if you’re thinking and feeling this way. It can be dangerous to ignore these thoughts and think they will go away on their own, they may not.

Suicidal thoughts can be worrying and upsetting. If you’ve been feeling sad and those feelings have become very intense, you might think that the only solution is to end your life. But it’s important to know that many people have felt this way throughout their life, got help and recovered.

There are ways of getting through it and overcoming your sadness. And even if you feel alone, there are people who want to help you. It can help to look at the reasons why you might be feeling so sad and how you might improve that situation without hurting yourself.

Why Might You Have Suicidal Feelings?

There are several reasons why people might experience suicidal feelings, such as:

  • Struggling with depression or another mental illness
  • Having low self-esteem
  • Using drugs or alcohol, especially when you’re feeling sad
  • Feeling anxious or pressure about your life or your future
  • Bullying or having problems at school
  • Losing a friend or family member

These feelings can be overwhelming, and you might feel like you will never feel better. But whatever the reason for your negative thoughts, there are ways to overcome them.

How to Get Help

It’s important to keep yourself safe at all times, so self-care can be helpful. There are things you can do to look after yourself when you’re feeling down and upset. Some people find writing down how they are feeling can help. Others find a distraction like listening to music or calling someone they trust to talk about how they are feeling can help them calm down. Taking long, deep breaths is also a good way of calming yourself down when you’re feeling upset or angry. But if these thoughts happen a lot, you need to get long-term help.

If you’ve hurt yourself or you think you’re about to hurt yourself, call 999 straight away.

Talk to Someone Your Trust

The first step to getting help for your suicidal thoughts is to talk to someone you trust. Sharing your worries can help you see your problems from a different point of view. Situations aren’t always as bad as they feel at the time. Talking to someone who knows you can help you see that suicide is not the only option. It can be hard opening up to other people, so find someone you trust like a close friend, a family member or even a teacher.

The people in our lives can’t always see what’s going on and don’t know that you’re in need of help unless you tell them. By talking to people around you about how you’re feeling, they will be able to find ways to support you and help you through these difficult times. Even just talking about what’s worrying you can help you to feel less lonely.

Tell Your Doctor

If you don’t feel like you can talk to someone you know, there are other options. Your doctor can help you find support where you live, such as therapists in your area. It can be scary telling a doctor about these things. But remember that they’ve helped lots of people with these feelings before, so they understand. A doctor can also help you decide if medication like antidepressants might work for you, which some people find helpful.

Call a Confidential Helpline

There are telephone helplines like the Samaritans or The Mix where you can chat to people who can listen and offer support whenever you need it. The Samaritans is confidential and completely free and is open 24 hours a day, so you always have someone to talk to.

And if you can’t call, The Mix has a messaging service where you can chat to someone over text at your own pace.  There’s also a free Childline servicewhere you can speak to a counsellor for free or email someone to discuss any problem, big or small.

There are different treatments and ways out of suicidal thinking – everyone is different so it’s all about finding what works best for you. But if you’re worried about something in your life and you feel like there’s no other way out, please don’t suffer in silence. You are not alone. There is help available and you can with help find plenty in life that’s worth living for.


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