Have you experienced the suicide of a loved one?

When someone close to you dies it is a difficult and painful experience.  When the bereavement occurs because of suicide, the emotions you experience may be very complicated.  There can be feelings of guilt, shame or blame as well as grief, loss and immense sadness.

These emotions may be very difficult to manage. A suicide of a loved one is a traumatic event, and trauma can change the way that we see our environments and the people in it. It can affect your emotions, memory, behaviour and even your ability to learn at school or college.

We know that losing someone you care about through suicide or sudden death is a major risk factor for suicide in children and young people.  The following charities specialise in providing support to children and families in this position.

Winston’s Wish

The leading childhood bereavement charity and the largest provider of services to bereaved families in the UK.  They have specialist expertise in supporting children bereaved by suicide and they also have a site for young people.

Under 18’s Support

Part of Cruse Bereavement Care, this site is designed by young people for young people and includes an interactive section.   If you are a young person you can send a private message to one of their trained volunteers.  Cruse also offer support to adults caring for bereaved children or young adults.

SOBS – Survivors of bereavement by Suicide

This service exists to support over 18’s who have been bereaved by suicide.  However, they will also support families and have many useful resources on their website

Written by Dr Louisa McClean

Clinical Psychologist


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