Stay Safe This Summer

Five ways to keep yourself safe while you have fun in the sun…

Summer is a great opportunity to get out and about, to explore, enjoy and live life to the fullest. Whether you’re heading to the beach with friends, going to a gig or camping in the country, there are a few things you can keep in mind to keep yourself safe this summer. Take a look at these five top tips to make sure your summer plans are as safe as they can be…

Share Your Plans

Always tell a parent where you’re going, even if it’s just popping to a mate’s house. If anything were to happen, you’d want to know that help would be able to locate and reach you if you needed it. If you’re traveling further afield, share your plans and destinations with a parent and make sure you leave a note of any contact numbers or addresses. You can also let your parent know who will be going along with you and what your plans are while you’re away.

Charge It & Go!

Don’t forget to take your mobile phone along with you. Make sure it’s fully charged before you leave the house and take a charger with you if you’re going somewhere you know you’ll be able plug in. You could also take a power bank for extra back-up. You can buy a power bank for under £10 on Amazon or in Primark.

Stick With Friends

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, always stick with your friends. There’s safety in numbers and you can all watch out for one another – someone could find themselves at risk if they wander off and leave the friendship group. Keep an eye on your friends, especially if someone seems particularly vulnerable. If you’re at all worried about a friend’s safety, ask for help from a responsible adult or call 999 if it’s serious.

Protect Your Health

Protect your skin from the sun with a layer of sun cream and pop some in your bag to take with you. If you’re headed out for the day (or for longer), take a bottle of water and any medicine you might need. Make sure you have a supply of basic medical supplies, such as plasters and bandages, if you’re going camping or taking a hike. You can order basic first aid kits online or buy one from an outdoor store.

Water Safety

Be especially careful around water when you’re out and about. A pond or lake might look calm and inviting but there could be strong undercurrents or dangers under the surface. Never go swimming unsupervised and don’t mix alcohol with swimming either – it’s not safe. Be aware of tide times to avoid getting stranded when you’re on the beach and look for areas where a lifeguard is present if you want to go for a swim. Whatever you decide to do this summer, have fun, and stay safe!


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