Scream It Out!

Discover the benefits of screaming and let the stress out this Scream Day (April 24th)!

No, this isn’t a late April Fool’s Day prank! Screaming really does have many benefits and is a great tool to relieve pent-up stress and anxiety. Why not give it a try this Scream Day and see if it makes you feel any better?

What Is Scream Day?

Well, it really is as straightforward as the name suggests. It’s a day to celebrate screaming and make people aware of the benefits that a good ol’ scream can give you.

What Are The Benefits Of Screaming?

Screaming can help you to release pent-up emotions. After all, it’s better out than in! When you scream, your body releases endorphins and dopamine – a similar ‘chemical hit’ to what you get when you exercise. Screaming can be feel-good, stress-relieving and cathartic!

So, What Do I Do?

Scream. As loud as you can or want. Obviously, you don’t want to frighten or annoy the people you live with so scream into your pillow or take yourself outdoors to look for a more remote location. You might feel comfortable screaming somewhere remote, like the local beach, where your scream can be drowned out by crashing waves.

Hopefully, a scream will help you get rid of those niggling anxieties and frustrations. Imagine yourself projecting all those bad thoughts and emotions out of your body and away into the air around you, never to return again.

Once you’ve finished your scream, take some long, deep breaths. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing completely. Feel better?

Share Your Scream!

Why not share your scream with Scream Day? They’re asking screamers to video and upload their best screams on Instagram, tagging @scream.day. The best screams will be featured on their social media.

If sharing your scream isn’t your thing, then that’s totally OK. A lot of people will prefer to scream in private. Try it today and see if it works for you! If it makes you feel better, you’ve just added another tool to your belt for dealing with stress and that can only be a good thing!

For more helpful hints and to hear others’ screams (yes, really), click here.


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