Make A Feel-Good Photo Album!

Create an album of positive memories to look at whenever you’re feeling down…

It’s World Photo Day and while we’re all experts at taking selfies and finding the right light and angles, how many of the photos in your camera roll actually make you feel good? How many make you smile or laugh? How many of them are naturally captured moments – a happy occasion, a place you love, or spontaneous snaps of yourself or friends?

DIY Album

Do yourself a favour and create your very own feel-good photo album. Fill it with joyous moments, funny snaps and images that spark joy in your heart. You can create it on your phone, so you always have it to hand to scroll through, or you can fill a photo album or scrapbook with photographs to keep as a special memento of happy times.

You can add photos of:

  • Places you love or feel safe. It could be a local park where you meet up with friends, your favourite restaurant, Nan’s house, a place where you’ve holidayed or even your own bedroom.
  • People you love. Choose your favourite photos of your most favourite people. Friends, family, workmates… you could even throw in your fave celeb!
  • Food you love to eat. If you love to Instagram your meals, you’ll have lots of choice! Pick your favourite plates and add them to your feel-good album.
  • Places you want to visit. Go online and find images of the amazing places you want to travel to. Pick out your favourite views and must-have locations to create a travel-lust gallery you can view again and again!
  • Stuff you enjoy. Find photos that remind you all the things you like to do. Football, skating, drawing, swimming… whatever floats your boat. You can always screenshot images online if you can’t find anything in your camera roll.
  • Memes that make you smile or laugh. We all have a favourite meme that never fails to crack a smile. Pop it in to add a splash of humour to your feel-good album. You could also snapshot a funny conversation you’ve had with a mate and add that in, too.
  • Views you can’t get enough of. The sunrise from your bedroom window, a busy crowd at the gig you went to with your friends, a sunny beach from your last holiday…
  • You. Pick at least one photo of yourself that makes you feel good. Don’t worry if it isn’t posed or perfect – you want to pick an image that reminds you of happy times. So what if your face is screwed up in laughter – you’ll remember the humour of the moment every time you look at the photo.

Now you’ve created a feel-good photo album that’s completely unique to you! Flick or scroll through it whenever you’re feeling sad to remind yourself of happier times and special moments. Looking at happy photos can help to boost your mood and make you feel more positive. Your album is an example of just how fulfilling and amazing your life truly is. You might be going through a rough patch at the moment, but there is light and hope and happiness on the other side.


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