Love Your Park!

Do your bit this Love Parks Week to help protect our valuable green spaces…

We ❤️ Parks!

Our local parks have never been more important to us.

During the height of the pandemic, we truly realised just how important our parks are. Sadly, some people abused their local park or green area, leaving lots of rubbish behind and even damaged property. That’s why Love Parks Week wants to encourage the UK to get together to #LOVEPARKS, #RESPECTPARKS and #PROTECTPARKS – and you can help!


Take a look at these six ways to show your local park some love:

  1. Litter Pick

It’s the simplest idea in the book but it really can make a massive (and instant) difference! Head out to your local park with a refuse sack or bucket, a pair of gloves and a determination to leave no litter unpicked. You can make a big difference in just one afternoon, or you can pick a little litter every time you visit the park. If we all did this, our parks would be spotless in no time at all!

  1. Get Involved…

In a regional project! There are several big projects happening across the UK – click here to find more information and to sign up to help. https://www.keepbritaintidy.org/get-involved/volunteer/become-care-project-volunteer

Volunteering to join up with a group is a good way to make a real difference – and a great way to meet new people. From ocean clean-ups to large-scale litter-picking, there’s a worthy cause you can get involved in.

  1. Be A Voice

Noticed your park doesn’t have enough bins? Spotted a few overspilling dog waste bins? Raise the issue with your local council and ask for help to resolve the situation. Sometimes, these problems go unnoticed by councils and all it takes is for one voice to speak up and make them aware.

  1. Be Kind To Your Park

Stick to the paths, don’t leave litter, don’t pick flowers and be respectful of memorial benches, monuments and statues. Always leave the park in the same glorious way you found it so others can enjoy its beauty. Don’t ever start fires and only use disposable barbecues if there’s a designated area for them. They can scorch the grass or, worse, start a fire.

  1. Respect The Wildlife

Many parks are home to squirrels, rabbits, birds and even deer. Remember, this is their home, and they depend on the plants and open spaces to live a peaceful, healthy life. Never disturb nests or burrows and keep dogs on a lead to avoid scaring the wildlife. 

  1. Skate & Cycle Responsibly

Be aware of other park users when you’re skating or cycling and stick to the paths or designated skate park where you can. For more information on Love Parks Week click here.


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