Live, Love, LOL!

Add laughter to your life this World Laughter Day (May 2) with our top tips!

Laughter truly is the best medicine so why not laugh it up and see if you can improve your day? A hearty laugh can boost your mood, protect you from stress and even strengthen your immune system! Who knew?! Here are a few ways you can inject a giggle into your life to feel the brilliant benefits of a good LOL…


Well, someone got out of bed on the wrong side this morning!’ Ever had that phrase thrown at you when you’re having a grumpy morning? Getting out of bed from either side won’t change your mood but waking up with a laugh most definitely will.

Try starting your day with a blast of comedy or funny content from your favourite comedian or influencer. A quick ten minutes of laughing can make you feel instantly better and ready to face the day with a smile on your face!


Feeling low? Seek out that mate who always makes you crack a smile, come rain or shine. Surrounding ourselves with fun, positive people can lift the load of stress and make us feel more light-hearted. Drop your funny friend a text, send a meme or meet up for a few hours of hilarity and fun.

Here’s another idea – why don’t YOU be the funny friend today? If you’re not feeling particularly happy or light-hearted, you can fake it ‘til you make it. Start a group chat and keep it fun and light. You might not have been feeling very giggly to start with, but you’re far more likely to feel better once the chat is in full swing! Making your friends laugh can also make you feel happy inside. 


Do something utterly silly to make yourself laugh. You could dress up in completely clashing clothes and take selfies or turn up for football in the park with your mates wearing something ridiculous to make them laugh. Have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously!

Hanging out with younger siblings can be a good way to drop your inhibitions and ‘play’ around more freely. You could dress up with them, have a water fight or create a make-believe world for them to explore in the garden. Little children laugh more often, and it can be infectious. You’ll have some fun and you’ll be the best big bro/sis ever – result!


Read something funny to make yourself laugh. Comic strips, a funny book or a hilarious thread on Twitter are all great sources of laughter. You could even scroll back through your phone to re-read a funny conversation you had with a friend a while back. You’ll soon be snort-laughing as you read through the comments!


A smile can make the world a better place! Share your smile with those around you and go out of your way to make someone else laugh out loud. Spread those happy vibes far and wide!

You can write a funny note for a friend, crack a joke at the breakfast table, make your moody sister smile, cheer up a mate with a daft impression or send a funny meme to your group chat. Be the bringer of laughs and help to make today a much brighter, funnier world to live in!


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