I’m A Young Carer And I Feel So Lonely

Being a young carer can be extremely isolating. We’re here to help.

March 16 is Young Carers Action Day and this year’s theme is about taking action on isolation. Being a carer can feel very lonely at times. You may have had to give up a lot of your free time to take care of someone, leaving you no time for hobbies and friends. You might also feel as if your friends don’t understand your responsibilities and envious of the freedom they have. These are perfectly normal feelings to have, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about thinking this way. Read more about coping with resentful thoughts related to caring here.

Caring During Covid

Many carers feel more isolated than ever because of the pandemic. They’ve struggled to get the help and support they needed and had to restrict their movement and social life to protect and shield their vulnerable loved ones from the virus. There are huge concerns about the latest government announcement of the “Living with Covid” plan, which means stopping free Lateral Flow Tests and an end to the isolation period for those with the virus. Not only does this add financial pressure to carers during a cost-of-living crisis; it’s also extremely concerning for individuals who are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable – for them, and their carers, coronavirus is still a very real and very scary threat. 

Tackling Isolation

Every young carer needs a break. They need their own space to unwind, to have fun with family and friends, to have a well-deserved lie-in or a lazy chill day with the TV. That’s why respite care and support is so important for mental health and wellbeing. Without it, young carers would struggle to keep going and to keep on caring.

To find more information about getting respite care and financial, practical, and emotional support, click here.

Ways To Feel Less Lonely

If you’re struggling with loneliness, why not give some of these tips a try? They can help you feel more connected to the outside world and keep your spirits up when you’re feeling isolated:

  • FaceTime A Friend

Chatting to a friendly face can help when you’re feeling overwhelmed or down in the dumps. Try to grab even 10 minutes to speak to a mate, face-to-face. It’s a good opportunity to get some stuff off your chest – or just to have a laugh!

  • Plan A Trip Or Activity

Giving yourself a positive focus can help you deal with lonely feelings. Think ahead to the near future and make a plan to spend the day with friends and list all the things you want to do, see, eat and drink. Get your friends involved on text to create an exciting buzz and lots to look forward to. 

  • Take A Social Media Break

Sometimes social media can make you feel more isolated. If you’re scrolling through your feeds and feeling resentful or depressed, maybe it’s time to take a day off. Put your phone away and focus on doing lots of little things that make you feel happy and positive.

Read more about coping with loneliness here.


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