I Think I’m In Love

Fallen head-over-heels for someone? Here’s a handy guide to telling that someone special just how you feel…

Having a crush on someone can make you feel excited, nervous and scared, all at the same time. It’s especially nerve-wracking if you’re unsure about how the other person will react – what if they don’t like you in that way? What if they like someone else?

Take It Slow

Let’s slow this down and take a moment to think things through. It can be difficult to tell someone that you like them so why not ask your crush to spend some time with you first, rather than jump in headfirst by asking them out? This will give you a good chance to get to know them better and give you time to work up the courage to tell them how you feel.

Get To Know Your Crush

You can ask your crush to hang out with you to try to get to know them better first. You can also chat over text or FaceTime to get a better idea of how they might be feeling – and to figure out just how much you like them. You might find that as you spend more time with them, your feelings change, and that’s OK. You could decide that you’d rather just be friends, or you might start to feel even stronger emotions for them.

Telling Your Crush

Take a deep breath and calm your nerves before telling your crush how you feel. If youve spent time getting to know them you’re likely to have some clues as to how they feel about you too. It’s usually better to tell someone face-to-face, rather than on text, but whatever way you decide to do it, try to be honest and straightforward. Choose a moment when there are no distractions to avoid the awkwardness of having your confession misheard or drowned out by background noise.

The Reaction

Hopefully, your crush feels the same way about you and wants to move things on, maybe even start a relationship. They may be taken by surprise and need a little time to digest the news. Give your crush space and a moment to collect their thoughts. Remember, it can be just as scary to be told someone wants to be more than just friends, as saying it to someone else!

Dealing With Rejection

Sadly, your crush might not feel the same way as you and this can be difficult to deal with. You might feel embarrassed, upset and hurt. Rejection is never an easy thing to deal with so it’s important to be kind to yourself and do things to boost your self-esteem when you feel low. Remind yourself of how great you truly are and how brave you are to be open about your feelings. Surround yourself with supportive, loving people to help you through.

For more help with relationships: https://www.childline.org.uk/info-advice/friends-relationships-sex/sex-relationships/relationships/


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