I Have A Crush On A Celebrity

How to deal with a celebrity crush in a healthy way.

It’s completely natural to develop a crush on a celebrity or famous personality. Having a crush is a normal part of growing up, but sometimes it can be difficult to deal with. If your crush is starting to consume your everyday life and is distracting you or affecting your appetite or sleep, it’s time to take back control.

Reframe Your Thinking

Learn to look at your celebrity crush in a different light. They may appear charming and funny on screen but be incredibly boring in real-life or even mean. The key factor here is that you don’t really know this person. The image you’ve created in your mind is false – you will have imagined them to be the perfect life-partner for you. Someone who will get all your jokes and love everything about you. Someone who fits with you perfectly. The reality is that they could be completely different from how you imagine them. The truth is that nobody is perfect and everyone has flaws.

Reality Check

Be honest with yourself. How likely is it that you’d even meet your celeb crush, let alone start a relationship with them? They may even already be in a committed relationship or have children and a spouse. Remember that celebrities are normal people too. Just like you, they will look for certain qualities in a potential partner. As difficult as it might be to accept, this means that there’s always a likelihood that you wouldn’t be quite what they’re looking for.  

Find Your Own Happiness

Focus on making yourself happy with someone who is more attainable. Look for someone who has the qualities you admire and respect. Try dating people of your own age or concentrate on making friends with new people. They might not match up to your celebrity crush in terms of appearance but there are so many valuable people out there who can make you truly happy and enhance your life. Your soulmate could be the girl next door or the guy who gives you extra fries when you go to McDonald’s. Widen your horizons and attention beyond your celebrity crush to reach out and find your own happiness!

How To Get Over A Crush

Getting over a crush can take time. You may even still have a soft spot for the object of your admiration for years to come but this becomes nothing more than a fleeting thought and not an all-consuming, lowkey obsession.

If you’re determined to get over your crush, you can take practical steps to:

  • Remove any posters of them from your wall and delete any screenshots on your phone.
  • Unfollow their social media accounts.
  • Avoid celebrity gossip websites and blogs.
  • Stop listening to their music or watching films or shows they appear in.

Keeping yourself busy and your brain occupied can help you to ‘forget’ about your crush. You can:

  • Pick up a new hobby.
  • Try manifesting your own goals.
  • Spend time with friends.
  • Volunteer to help someone who is vulnerable.

It can take time to truly get over a celebrity crush but you’ll soon find yourself thinking about them less and less. By filling your time and focusing on real life, you’ll open yourself up to meeting someone IRL, giving you a happier, more fulfilling love life.

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