I Miss My Grandparents

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Whether it’s due to distance, illness, divorce, separation, or some other reason, not being able to see someone who is very special to you can make you feel sad and upset.

My Grandparent Lives Far Away

If your grandparents live abroad or many miles away, it can be tricky to see them as much as you’d like. You may only see them a handful of times a year, or even less. If you’re missing grandparents who live far away, there are things you can do to keep in touch between visits. You can FaceTime them regularly, send letters and drawings through the post, or even ask them to help you with your homework on a video call once a week. It’s not the same as being able to hug and touch them, but it does help you feel closer to them. For more ideas on how to keep in touch with distant grandparents, click here.

I’m Not Allowed To See My Grandparent

Sometimes, family arguments, separation or divorce can stand in the way of you seeing your grandparents. It’s upsetting when this happens, but it’s important to remember that it’s not your fault. Talk to your parent/s about how you’re feeling and how the situation is affecting you – hopefully, discussing this may result in your parent/s agreeing to allow contact. Sometimes, sadly, the family rifts are too deep to overcome. This can make you feel like piggy-in-the-middle, stuck between two arguing sides. If this sounds like your situation, please click here for more advice and support.  

My Grandparent Is Ill

When a grandparent is very poorly, it’s an incredibly upsetting and stressful time. You might not be able to go and visit them as often as you would usually, perhaps because they are in hospital. Visiting times and limits may be reduced because of the pandemic, meaning only one or two family members are allowed in to see their loved one. You can write a letter or card, draw a picture, or buy a little gift and ask a family member to pass it on to your grandparent for you, to let them know you’re thinking of them. It’s a worrying time when a loved one is in hospital so make sure you have lots of support from family and friends and be kind to yourself.

My Grandparent Died

Dealing with the loss of a grandparent can be one of the toughest things you’ll ever have to go through. Losing a loved one hurts. You miss them badly, every single day. You may even feel angry that they’re gone and find it difficult to cope with your emotions. There is no right or wrong way to deal with grief – we all have our own paths and coping mechanisms – but what we all need in difficult times is support. Reach out to family and friends, talk about your feelings and don’t be afraid to accept help when it’s offered. To read more about coping with grief, click here.


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