Happy, Healthy YOU!

Take our Happy & Healthy #TakeFiveChallenge to be the happiest and healthiest version of yourself!

Feeling like you’re stuck in a rut? Mood a bit low? Try something new today and complete our five-day challenge to boost your mood, improve your health and increase your happiness!

GOLDEN RULE – Make sure you’re getting a good night’s sleep (8-10 hours) each night and drink plenty of fluids every day to get the most out of your challenge.


Let’s start this challenge off by doing something good… for someone else! Do something kind to help out another person. You could weed the garden, wash the car, have a clear-out and donate to charity, give someone your seat on the bus… the possibilities are endless.

HAPPY YOU – Doing something nice for someone else gives you a warm, glowing feeling inside.

HEALTHIER YOU – Choosing something active like hanging out the washing or walking the dog is good exercise and boosts those feel-good hormones!


You don’t have to be the next Jamie Oliver to whip up something amazing. Choose a healthy recipe and cook or bake a delicious meal for yourself or your family. Just think how proud you’ll feel when you produce a tasty dinner from scratch!

HAPPY YOU – Cooking can be a great stress-reliever. Concentrating on a recipe helps to focus the mind and distracts from negative thoughts. You’ll also gain a sense of pride when you create a meal all by yourself.

HEALTHIER YOU – Choose a healthy recipe to make sure your culinary creation is balanced, nutritious and delicious!


Can you get through an entire day without looking at a screen? Switch off your phone, turn off your laptop and TV, unplug your console or put away your tablet for a whole 24 hours. If you can’t turn off your device because you need to be contactable, or for any other reason, try muting it or asking a family member to ‘babysit’ it for the day.

HAPPIER YOU – A whole day away from scrolling social media can give you a welcome mental health break.

HEALTHIER YOU – Zero blue light = a better night’s sleep. Result!


Go for a walk with a friend or a family member. It doesn’t have to be far, and it doesn’t have to be extreme – you don’t have to go hiking up mountains. The goal is to get outside, get moving, and get talking.

HAPPIER YOU – Spending time with those we love and care for makes us feel happier.

HEALTHIER YOU – This challenge improves your physical AND mental health! Talking things over can help with anxieties or worries.


Finish your challenge with a whole day dedicated to the no. 1 legend in your life – YOU! Treat yourself to a whole day of doing the things you love most and give your mind and body the love it needs. You can meditate, take a nap, enjoy a long, hot shower, or listen to your favourite music to relax and unwind.

HAPPIER YOU – A whole day of doing everything you like best in the world? What’s not to love?!

HEALTHIER YOU – Self-care is crucial to protecting and nurturing your mental health. It can reduce anxiety and stress and boost your self-esteem.

Tag us on social media using the hashtag #TakeFiveChallenge to share your progress. Good luck on your happy and healthy journey!


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