Self Examination. Examining your Testicles

Testicular cancer, unlike most cancers, can affect younger men aged 15 to 45, but the good news is, that it is easy to treat if caught early. So, it is important that you get into the habit of checking yourself regularly each month.  

It is best to check yourself when you are warm and standing up, so, in a shower or after a bath is perfect.  

Everyone is different. The important thing is that you know what is normal for you, so that you can report any changes to your doctor.  

Place one hand under your balls so that you are cradling them. With the other hand, roll each ball between your finger and thumb.  

The first thing you will notice is that one probably hangs down a bit more than the other. This is normal. 

They should be a similar size and weight, and this should not feel uncomfortable or painful.  

If one is significantly larger than the other or if you notice any pain or unusual lumps, you should make an appointment to see your doctor. You can ask to see a male doctor if you prefer.  

Most changes are not cancer, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.  

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Dr Dawn Harper
Dr Dawn Harper is a practising NHS GP and has worked in the NHS for over 30 years. A member of the Royal College of Physicians she is also a TV presenter and member of the Hidden Strength Advisory Board: Dr Dawn says “Working as an NHS GP, I have seen a worrying increase in the number of young people suffering with mental health issues in recent years. The effect of the pandemic has sadly exacerbated the problem, so I was delighted to join the team at Hidden Strength to help combat the issue with such an innovative solution.”