Born To Stand Out!

May 3 is a day to celebrate how unique you truly are!

Have you ever heard of Two Different Coloured Shoes Day? It’s a special day to celebrate uniqueness and diversity – our own, and that of others. Anyone can get involved and all you have to do is wear two different coloured shoes to show you’re celebrating all the things that make us truly unique.

Don’t worry if rocking two different coloured shoes is a step too far out of your comfort zone – you can still show your support by championing and supporting those who aren’t afraid to embrace their individuality! Dress how you want to dress, love who you want to love. Be who you are on the inside. Forget society, forget social norms – today is a day to be the REAL you!

What Makes Me Unique?

We all have our own unique qualities; you just know how to find (and own!) them. Being unique doesn’t necessarily meaning being flamboyant or colourful – it’s about owning what makes you, well, YOU. No two people are the same. Even identical twins can have completely opposite personalities and different likes and dislikes. Every person is made up of a different combination of personality, experiences and emotions. 

Have a think about what makes you unique. There’s an endless list of qualities you can pick from! It could be your:

  • Sense of humour
  • The kindness you treat your friends with
  • Talent at a certain sport or activity
  • Amazing dress sense
  • Fun-loving personality
  • Knack for making friends
  • Determined attitude to achieve your goals

Discover more about what makes you unique here!

Bullied For Being Me

Being unique is the best. We were all born to stand out – to live life as our true selves. To be happy and loved and safe. Sadly, there are people in this world who are narrow-minded and closed off to people living their truths. Bigotry, racism and homophobic behaviour can make it difficult, sometimes impossible, for people to live a safe and happy life. People from all walks of life are belittled, abused, bullied and shamed for being who they truly are. And that’s never OK.

In a modern world like this, trolls and cyberbullying can be particularly harmful. Just think how common it is to read a nasty comment on social media or how many times you’ve seen a celebrity receive hate mail… the online world is sadly filled with harmful, hateful people and messages. If you are receiving hateful messages or are a victim of bullying because of your sexuality, the way you dress, a disability you have, the colour of your skin, or for any other reason, please seek help. We’ve got tons of advice here, including how to report online bullying, who to speak to and how to get support.

Don’t suffer in silence – there is help out there. ❤️


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