8 Ways To Make Your Dorm Room More Homely

Check out these top tips to help you create your own home from home! 

Moving into a dorm can be scary, exciting and unsettling all at once. It’s normal to feel homesick; to miss your home comforts and your family. You might miss the hustle and bustle of family life, but also feel exhilarated by the freedom of having your very own space to call your own. With our top tips we can help get you settled and feeling secure in your very own cosy (and practical!) sanctuary.  

  1. Home Sweet Home 

Bring items from home to surround yourself with familiar, comforting sights, smells and sounds. That raggedy old teddy or threadbare robe you love so much? Give them pride of place in your bedroom!  

  1. C Is For Comfort 

Make your dorm the comfiest, cosiest haven with plenty of cushions, blankets and rugs. Soft furnishings are a great way to transform a blank canvas and make a space feel warm and inviting.  

  1. Frame Your Favourites 

Create a photo wall filled with everything you love! Photos of family and friends, a much-loved pet, holiday snaps and places you want to visit brighten up your room and surround you with your happiest memories making you feel less alone.  

  1. Mirror, Mirror 

A strategically placed mirror helps to add more light to your space and can make a small dorm feel a lot roomier. It’s also an essential for getting ready for those fun nights out with your fellow students! 

  1. Power Of Plants 

Plants help to make a room feel more homely and can add a touch of warmth to a stark colour palette. Plants are also credited with reducing stress and boosting our mood. Opt for easy-to-keep plants such as cacti, aloe vera or spider plants – they’ll forgive you if you forget to water them from time to time! 

  1. Study Space 

Even the smallest room can accommodate a designated study space. Having an official study area helps you focus and separate work from where you sleep/chill so try to find space to fit a small desk or shelf where you can flex your brain and hit the books.  

  1. Get Organised 

An organised space = an organised mind! You’re going to have a lot to juggle during your uni years between studying and socialising so having a clutter-free space can help you streamline your day-to-day life. Invest in shelving, boxes and folders to keep your personal belongings and study materials neat and tidy.  

  1. Have Fun! 

The most important thing to do is to have fun with your dorm room! This is YOUR space, YOUR sanctuary, and will be your place for years to come. Make it yours, make it personal. Use your favourite colours and decorate it however YOU want. When you have a space that truly feels like you, it will be a great comfort and haven when you need it most.  


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