10 Ways To Make The Most Of Freshers’ Week

We’re here to help you maximise your freshers’ experience! 

Freshers’ week (also known as welcoming week) is a week-long programme of social events and nights out to help new students mix and make friends before learning and studying starts. It’s a fun-filled week but it can feel overwhelming and it’s normal to be a little nervous at the prospect of meeting so many new people. Check out our top tips to help you settle in and find your tribe! 

  1. Be Yourself 

First things first – stay true to yourself. Start as you mean to go on by showing people who you are from the get-go. It may be tempting to try out a new personality when you start a new life at university but realistically this will be a difficult thing to keep up. It’s important to be authentic – this will make it so much easier to meet the right kind of people.  

  1. Find Your People 

Lots of great friendships start during freshers’ week and many even last a lifetime. To find your kind of people, choose to go to events you have a genuine interest in. You’ll find like-minded people and it’ll be easier to strike up a conversation because you already have something in common. There are student clubs and societies you can join if you have a particular interest in, say, football or debating – talk to your student rep about how you can join. 

  1. Bring Supplies 

Bring a couple of bags of shopping to get you through your first week. Chances are, you’ll be too busy having fun to find time to do a grocery shop! Fill up on essentials like bread, milk, cereal and quick, easy-to-prepare meals like noodles, soup and pasta.  

  1. Unpack & Explore 

Get to your dorm and unpack early to get yourself settled and free up your time for the busy week ahead. Now you can head out and explore! Find out where your nearest shop is, the laundry room, kitchen area and, of course, where your classes will be.  

  1. Fuel Your Body 

Freshers’ week can be hectic so it’s important to stay fuelled and look after yourself. Try to eat healthily and drink plenty of water. Be careful about how much alcohol you drink – you may face some peer pressure to consume more alcohol than you usually would during a week of parties and events.  

  1. Time Out 

It’s super important to give yourself time out during freshers’ week. Try not to over commit to a packed schedule of events and make sure you plan time when you can be on your own to relax and reflect. It can be a LOT to take in so you’ll be glad of some downtime when you can grab it.  

  1. A+ Roommates  

For many, freshers’ weeks is the first time they’ll meet their roommate. The fact that you’re all in the same boat and feeling ‘new’ will help you forge relationships and hopefully build a friendship but this isn’t always the case and that’s OK. The important thing is to be respectful, friendly and to find compromises where you can. And never EVER eat your roommate’s food! 

  1. Fill Up On Freebies 

It’s not quite the Oscar’s goodie bag (we wish), but freshers’ fair is a great place to pick up some freebies so make sure you head along. It’s also a good opportunity to mingle with your fellow students and discover what societies and clubs your university has to offer.  

  1. Spend Wisely 

With a full week of social events ahead of you it can be easy to lose control of your spending. Set yourself a budget and try to stick to it – you’ll thank yourself later. It’s all too common for students to blow their cash in the first few weeks and then struggle until the next student loan instalment.  

  1. Stay Safe  

Most importantly, look after yourself. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, always stick with your friends. There’s safety in numbers and you can all watch out for one another – someone could find themselves at risk if they wander off and leave the friendship group. Keep an eye on your friends, especially if someone seems particularly vulnerable. If you’re at all worried about a friend’s safety, ask for help from a responsible adult or call 999 if it’s serious. 


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