10 Ways To Make Reading More Enjoyable

Stuck in a reading rut? Check out our top tips to pick your next book!

It’s National Read A Book Day (Sept 5) so it’s the perfect time to dive into a new world with your next read. Reading is great for your mental health – it helps you relax and can provide an escape from the stresses and worries of the real world. It’s also brilliant for improving your memory and boosting those brain cells.

We know reading can help us to relax and unwind but, like lots of other things we know are good for us, we often ignore them or can’t seem to find the time. You might also find yourself in a reading rut – fed up with the same author or bored of a particular genre. We’re here to inspire and reignite your reading passion with these 10 top tips!

1. Genre Switch!

Sucker for a horror but getting fed up with murder and mayhem? Big fan of autobiographies but feel like you’ve read the life story of every famous person that’s ever walked this planet? It’s time to make a switch! Borrow or buy a book in a completely different genre to what you’d usually pick up. Give it a go and see if you can find a new fave!

2. Need For Nostalgia

Were you once a bookworm but now find it a struggle to get lost in a good book? Pick up a book you’ve read and enjoyed before for a gentle re-entry into reading. Re-reading an old favourite can feel as comforting and safe as an old pair of slippers – the perfect way to relax and enjoy some downtime!

3. Flip The Format!

If you usually read novels, why not give a graphic novel a spin? Or pick up a comic or collection of short stories. There are lots of different kinds of books and comics out there, just waiting to be discovered.

4. Hit The Library

Spend a few hours at your local library and enjoy a relaxed browse of the shelves. If you’re looking to read something different from your usual choice, why not ask the librarian for suggestions. They’ll be able to point you in the direction of something fresh and maybe even help you find your new favourite author!

5. Watch The Movie

If you’re a reluctant reader, why not pick up the book of a film or TV show you’ve watched and enjoyed? It can be fun to notice the differences and similarities between the book and the screen version.

6. Role Models

Is there someone famous you look up to or a historical figure you admire? Pick up a book about their life to learn more about your role model. You might discover something new!

7. Charity Shop Challenge

Most charity shops have a good selection of second-hand books. Close your eyes and pick one at random to buy or decide on a letter before going into the shop and only select a book whose author begins with that letter. Give it a read and see what you think. If you don’t like it, you can always return it to the charity shop to be sold to someone else, but if you do like it, you’ve got yourself a new go-to author! Win-win!

8. Short & Sweet

No time for novels? Pick up a collection of short stories instead – you can dip in and out when you have a few spare minutes in your day. Or try a book of poetry, a magazine or a newspaper. You’ll soon find yourself making time to spend with a good read.

9. Get Comfy

Create a cosy reading nest to make the most of your downtime. Turn the lights down low (but not so much that you’ll be squinting at the pages) and relax on the couch or bed for maximum comfort. Have a drink and snacks to hand, snuggle up and prepare to lose yourself in another world!

10. Make A TBR List

For those of you who like to make lists and check things off as you complete them, this is for you! Create your very own TBR (To Be Read) list, which is simply a record of all the books you want to read. You can work through them in order or pick one at random.

What do you plan to read next? Do you have an all-time favourite book or author? Share your book recommendations and reading habits with the Hidden Strength community on our socials using #MyBookTips

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