10 Ways To Care For Our Planet

We can all make a difference on this planet we call Earth. ❤️

With the recent news about the alarming heatwaves affecting both of Earth’s poles, and the ongoing climate crisis, there are real concerns about the future of our world. While it might not seem like there’s much we can do as individuals, the truth is that the little changes and sacrifices we make in our day-to-day lives add up to a wave of change – and that truly does make a difference. Discover 10 ways YOU can make a difference this Earth Day (April 22) and every other day.

  1. Unsubscribe from paper statements, catalogues and junk mail wherever you can, or switch your preference to digital communication such as text or email. Just think how many unwanted pieces of paper make their way through your letterbox every week… that’s a LOT of wasted trees.
  1. Embrace meat-free Mondays! There are loads of great plant-based recipes out there and there are more and more meat-free options on the menu in your favourite restaurants and takeaways than ever before. Reducing our meat intake is good for our health and great for animals and our world – find out more about how our meat intake impacts the planet here.
  1. Organise a litter pick with friends to clear up your local environment. Litter damages and kills our plant and animal life and pollutes our oceans and rivers. Be extra careful and aware of tides if you’re near water, and don’t forget to wear gloves to protect your hands. Always avoid medical waste (such as syringes) and report any findings to your local council who will arrange to have it picked up and disposed of safely.
  1. Get in touch with your local MP and push for change. Demand that they use their voice and position to do good for our planet and to get behind policies that will have a real impact on climate change. Remember, your MP works for YOU – they are the voice of the people, of their constituents. Your voice matters.
  1. If you haven’t already, ditch single-use plastics wherever you can. Swap out plastic bags for reusable shoppers and totes, get yourself a reusable water bottle and opt for a metal straw over a plastic one.
  1. Try composting to reduce how much of our food waste ends up in landfill. Potato peelings, leftover dinner and that suspicious smelling cheese you find at the back of your fridge can all be put to good use in a homemade compost bin – discover how to make one here.
  1. Use less water. Turn off the tap while you clean your teeth or shave and take shorter showers. Reducing our water use also reduces the energy needed to filter, heat and pump it which reduces our carbon footprint.
  1. Go sustainable with your clothes – donate clothing you no longer wear to charity and buy less ‘fast fashion’ (AKA inexpensive mass-produced clothing). Fast fashion uses cheap and harsh materials that are toxic to our environment.
  1. Save electricity wherever you can. This is especially important during the current cost of living crisis. Switch off lights when you leave the room and completely turn off TVs at night, rather than leaving on standby which still uses electricity and costs you money.
  1. Support brands and companies who actively tackle climate change and steer clear of those who don’t. By throwing our power behind companies who champion for change, we vote with our wallets and send a clear message to those brands who don’t. People power!

Looking for more ways to play your part in investing in our beautiful world? Get more helpful tips and advice here.


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